Magento Community or Magento Enterprise?

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Alright guys. I've been keen on building an ecommerce site but I just don't know which magento version to use. The community or enterprise. It was hard for me until I came over this post.

It really helped me a lot reading this post here even though it's a little bit long, but trust me, it's worth the while! Read it if you're one like me too. Concerned about which to choose. It helps a lot.

Magento enterprise vs Magento community
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    Hi jasonlwe,

    Your question is rarely asked on a forum like this because the answer is usually pretty obvious for most folks as soon as they take a look at the price tag for Magento Enterprise. The starting price is $15,550 annually, for a single web store license of the Enterprise edition ($49,990 per yr for Premium), and the community edition is free. Your current budget will dictate which version is right for you.

    If you want the most feature rich shopping cart on the market, along with full service and support, and price is not an object, the Magento Enterprise edition is the cart you are looking for. However, if your budget is limited, you can start with the community edition, for free, then upgrade once your business has grown to support the higher cost of the Enterprise edition.

    Even though the Community Edition of Magento is not as advanced as the Enterprise edition, it is still far more capable than nearly all other shopping carts on the market. You just have to rely on community support, which is fairly substantial, as Magento is the most popular cart for eCommerce. Essentially, Magento is to the shopping cart scripts what Wordpress is to the blogging scripts, the most popular community supported open source script in their category.

    Magento Enterprise Cost and Pricing | Magento
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    Use Magento Community Version because it totally free. You just download the latest upgraded versions and install it for your own users. If you want to customize this community edition then customize it for your own need and use it.

    In Enterprise Version, Magento provide some extra functionality and also provide its own team for any further development or any changes. So, you use Magento Community version for your eCommerce shopping cart development.
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      Well. What are you selling? How many products do you have? Do you have the technical ability to manage your Magento Store by yourself? If not do you have the money to hire someone to do it for you? If the latter its going to get REAL expensive REAL fast.

      If you only have 10-100 products I would have a look at MagentoGO, Shopify or Woocommerce for Wordpress. The learning curve is not as steep as MagentoCE and you have more of a chance focusing on your business instead of web site development.

      Since you are considering Enterprise I would assume you have a lot of products and have the ability to hire a developer. If thats the case then MagentoCE (no support) or Enterprise (support) is the way to go. Word of the wise. Beware Magento support. The support team for MagentoGO is absolutely horrible and I`d prob assume they are the same support team that handles Enterprise customers. You will be better off going with CE and hire 3rd part support or a developer with Magento experience.
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    You're starting out, avoid enterprise. It's a killer expense for a startup unless you know sales will quickly pour in.
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