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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'var' (T_VAR) in /home2/pzeimys/public_html/wp-content/themes/wootique/functions/admin-medialibrary-uploader.php on line 77

Can someone explain me what this means and how to fix it?
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    This may be in your code, php. If you are working in the editor's backend, sometimes leaving out a simple symbol "(" could do it. Or you could load an image, as I did, then there is no way to find out "why." The easiest solution, other than going through your code is to put your site on a different theme. Go in and delete the existing theme with the parse error, and re-install it as a new theme. Then you can move the new version of the theme to your original site once again. This is what worked for me. But, always backup your files before doing anything. And always be cautious of taking information from the internet without a second opinion. There are 'true' WPress experts on this forum who know much more than I do. I'm sure some will be chiming in soon. Good luck!
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    But the thing is that when I paste original HTML file in the document, it still shows the same thing. I don't get it...
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    Paste the code from line 70 - 80
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      Originally Posted by BrandVortex View Post

      Paste the code from line 70 - 80
      Hi, paste from where?
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        Originally Posted by antis View Post

        Hi, paste from where?
        from this file:
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