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I'm interested in a partnership to start business entity(ies) specializing in launching dropshipping e-commerce sites. What I bring to the table is capital/resources, ideas, sales and business experience. I'm looking for a partner that has experience in the mechanics of launching e-commerce dropshipping sites, SEO, coding, and web design which are areas I lack first hand experience. Equity splits to be negotiated based on contribution.

If interested please respond or send me a PM to start a dialogue to explore opportunities.
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      I would love to be your "silent" partner. You run the business end and I'll throw up as many ecommerce [data-base driven] websites as you can handle - all FREE for at least 30-45 days.

      I'm an Adobe Premium Partner - so it won't be just me and you. We'll have Adobe Technology behind us and if that's good enough for The Ronald McDonald House, it's good enough for me. How about you?

      I've been in business offline since 1978 - manufacturing car care products and my son makes custom jewelry - see the websites in my signature. Most of them are ecommerce sites and already set up for dropshipping if that's what you want to do. Let me know!

      I retired in 2005 at 43 and now I give away websites like these for FREE [hosting excluded]

      When you make at least $100+ per month, we split the profit 80/20 and YOU get the 80% Until then, you keep 100% and I'll help you drive traffic, get backlinks and put the domain in your name too!
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    Global partnership opportunity for starting your e-commerce business.Connecting your solution for global partnership is more than just a technical integration.
    By building an E commerce opportunity we can grow faster than competition, Increase conversions across your sales, offers a secure ecosystem.
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