Where to get $30 solo ads?

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Hey guys I am starting out and I am willing to buy solo ad my budget is just $30-$40. Can you suggest me some good solo ads vendor who are selling solo ads for $(30-40)?
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    In my opinion the best place to get low cost solos from is udimi.com. There are loads of vendors on that platform offering solo ad offers at various prices. Their built in tracking system also filters out any duplicate and fake clicks to ensure you get what you are paying for.

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    You should also haunt the various Facebook sites that focus on solo ads - you'll find many solos that way that you won't find on any one particular site.
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    Most solo ad vendors will charge you a minimum of $50.

    It is very hard to find those who only charge $30 and to be honest, if they charge you $30, their service is probably not that good.

    Once you find a good solo ad vendor that is getting you results (and you work with them for a while), you can ask them to lower the price for you. I did this before and it worked.
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      I second what Ben said. You can also groups where people post results and testimonials of various sellers. Do a search for solo sales and look for reviews/testimonials.
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        $30 is pretty good. But there are very few of quality who will sell that cheap for 100 Clicks.

        I would consider anything under $50 a pretty good deal if they Deliver what they promise.

        Make sure when you are looking for a Solo Ad vendor to ask how many fresh leads do they add a day to their own List and the Size of the List as well.

        These Solo Lists have Expirations, and you want a Vendor who is constantly adding new fresh leads everyday to his List

        - Robert Andrew
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    Haven't seen many of Solos vendor charge $30-$40 for 100 clicks..
    But you can get it with funnel clicks. Just search on Facebook group about funnel clicks and joined..

    The cost is around $30-$40 for 100 clicks, depends on the quality of the traffic..

    The clicks delivers longer if you compare with solo ads, usually around 3-5 days but the quality is just about the same.. If your squeeze is good, you can get more than 40% conversions
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    It really depends, as someone else previously mentioned udimi would be a good bet, since they let you filter out sellers based on your price range. But just keep in mind cheaper doesn't always mean better. Always do your research from who you are buying from. Lots of junk traffic these days from people who make a living selling it.
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    I recommend the solo ad testimonial group in FB. You can probably find it easily with a simple search.

    Once approved into the group, search for those with good opt in rates and sales. Then contact the seller and ask if they have a first time buyers discount and get the lowest quantity to test them out.

    Usually $30-40 should get you a decent solo ad provider.
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    Try Facebook groups. I would search for the solo ad testimonial groups and read what buyers have to say about different vendors like the opt in rate they got, was the traffic bad traffic, or did they get any sales from the vendor.
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      I feel like some of the responses have missed your point. Its not that your wanting cheap solo ad you only have $30-40 as your budget. With that in mind absolutely you can find solo ad vendors that will provide clicks to you.
      You can pick up 50 clicks for $20-25 and its not that they are cheap, its just that is all you can budget.
      I agree with jfalxr Funnel clicks is also a good option. This is where someone puts your link within their followup series and when someone clicks on your link they have provided you 1 click.
      Searching FB solo ads is a great place to make a post in a number of groups that you have a $30-40 budget and you would like to purchase solo ads and then go from there on the replies!
      Hope this helps and good luck building your list!
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    Look for guys that does internet marketing first and secondly sells solo ads, they will have much better lists. The guys that ONLY sells solo ads usually aren't great
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