How to start to build a list?

by boeuro
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Hi all,

I was in IM just 1 year but not did much. I started with product launch and earned around $400 from that. Now I decided to work full time with IM.

I'm building a review site for Amazon affiliate, I want build a list with this review site, could anyone advice me how and what I should do?

- newsletter?
- freebies: ebook or some kind of PLR?

Thanks in advance,

P/s sorry for my English.
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    If you are building a review site with the intention to monetise it via amazon affiliate links then traffic is going to be an issue.

    If you are wanting free traffic then you obviously want your review site to rank in google then you have some SEO skills to cultivate with some established sites to complete with.

    To get a review site to rank these days would be tough, fact is Google hates affiliate sites. HATES!

    Paid traffic is easier and far far faster to scale, to buy traffic and send it to an Amazon affiliate site you really want to be promoting some high ticket products, $2000 plus. Any thing less than that would not make economic economic sense.

    The equation to making money online is simple, traffic, targeted traffic + value = sales.

    Simple but not easy.

    To make money from amazon from a whopping 4%-10% a sale you would need some stupid traffic.

    You want to build a list, but re think you monetisation vehicle.
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    Building an email list is a lot harder then you might thing. I suggest putting opt-in forms in few places on your website (like sidebar, below posts, and a popup) and give a good free incentive, like free eBook on a topic related to your website.

    In short this is your formula: Quality content + Traffic + Few opt-in forms with good incentive = Subscribers

    Don't use a PLR, create something original. However you could use PLRs for ideas on what to write and rewrite it to be even better and more valuable to your readers.
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    Kaan and InFlames20, Thanks your reply!

    I'll build an authority site not 100% review article. With some experience I had from the last product launch campaign, I think I would do some basic SEO. The important thing is building list, I stuck with the idea how and what!
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    actually building a list is easy. but you must pay for the traffic to build it fast. if you buy solo ads, you can buld a nice list withing days.
    here is agood place to buy solo ads from
    Solochecker :: Home
    fb group: solo ad testimonials
    many other places.
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      If you are going to use Solo's then make sure the person you buy from has a list that fits your niche.

      Otherwise you may find you get a low optin rate and/or unresponsive subscribers once they are on your list.

      Make sure you ask the seller how he/she builds their list and the type of offer that will engage them. Also look for reviews of solo ad sellers that have resulted in sales.

      You can easily build a list from Solo sellers but you need to make sure you are getting quality over quantity or quite frankly it might turn into a big money waster.

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    I should building list by my own and get interacted with my subscribers. Thanks in advance.
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    Originally Posted by boeuro View Post

    I was in IM just 1 year but not did much. I started with product launch and earned around $400 from that. Now I decided to work full time with IM.
    Well, you saw success with that...

    Curious as to why you haven't continued on that path?
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    To bring traffic to your site you should do some basic SEO. You have to share your site to forums and social medias. You can bring your traffic by paying or free. You Can use paid marketing like: Google Adwords, . Bing PPC and Facebook PPC etc. You also can do some social marketing at FB and G+ for free. YouTube also a great free traffic source. If you want to learn more about bringing fast traffic You can learn from this site. I think this will be so helpful for you.

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    Thanks for the help.
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    You have lot of ways to build the list.
    The fastest way to build list is with paid traffic...
    You need to build funnel that convert and cover or even make profit.
    Than you can market to the list or sell traffic
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