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How can I build a great Solo Ads list?
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    you may find this guide useful : using Solo Ads to build and grow your list.


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      You shall work on these:

      1) Select the niche group you would target to.
      2) Create Squeeze Page
      3) Choose the Autoresponder websites ie Getresponse or Aweber
      4) Build the lists
      (a) Paid traffic- you look for the sellers over facebook page ie soloads sales testimonials.
      (b) Free Traffic- Joinning forums, writing articles etc You can put your URL into your

      Building the lists is the key of Solo Ads business. Once you obtain the lists, you shall build the rapport with them by sending the valuable information consistently.

      These are the work in brief engaging on solo ads business.
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    Originally Posted by accactg View Post

    How can I build a great Solo Ads list?
    Did you mean you want to build a list for selling solo ads, or you want to build your list buying solo ads?
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    First you want to build a great squeeze page. A good company to use for that is epic squeeze. Then my recommendation would be to use Aweber as your autoresponder company. Once you have those, the most effective way to build your list is by setting up some click banking partners and buying paid traffic to your squeeze page. You can build it at the speed you are comfortable with. It is as simple as that. There are some tricks that you can learn to make things go a little quicker, but you want to learn how to do these steps well before moving on to some more technical methods. I hope this helps.
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    Originally Posted by accactg View Post

    How can I build a great Solo Ads list?
    You won't get a detailed response from scratch to finish like this. If you're serious about starting up a solo ads business, you'll have to be very patient and invest in some solo ad courses. Learn as you progress and have a system to follow.

    If you don't have the investment then don't count on great results. You might also be able to find tutorials via YouTube, this forum, and Google just by doing a simple search, however... invest in some courses and implement them as you're learning.
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