List outside of the IM niche getting 80% open rates!

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I just wanted to share my open rates with you.

I don't want to disclose the niche at this point but my open rates have been 83% and at this time I haven't really been promoting anything, just writing content and building a relationship.

I am planning to monetize this list in 2015 with some sort of micro-continuity model.
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    Given the inaccuracies inherent in measuring open rates, it sounds like you may be approaching the 100% mark. Good job. Kinda makes you wonder about those folks bragging about 5-10% open rates, doesn't it?

    The next challenge is keeping those rates up as your list matures and you start monetizing it.

    Here's a tip that you likely already know, but might help some reading this...

    Make sure you foreshadow the monetization phase. Let people know something is coming.

    People are strange creatures, and when you feed them a steady diet of free content with no hint of anything else to come, that's what they expect. Hit them with a sales offer, especially if you also shock them with a stark change of tone, and many will actually feel betrayed or tricked. Not a good position for making sales.
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    Good Job DevEdge , keep it up
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    Well people seem to be more responsive in some niches than others. Anyways if you can keep those rates up you've done a damn good job with it :-)
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    That's an awesome number, but there's a slight nuance to it if you haven't sold anything yet.

    Just make sure you have a solid plan to start monetizing so your open rate doesn't drop significally, meaning warm them up a little before you start selling.

    Good luck!
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    My lists are on in the IM niche but I did make some lists in the dating niche once for fun. I was getting EXTREMELY high open rates (60-70%). Felt pretty good haha.

    Good job!
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    Thats a great open rate. I think the average for IM is between 10-25% - hopefully your list havent been too used to you sending them free info otherwise it maybe harder to monotize them but great job!
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