Freebie List vs. Buyer's List (Need Help)

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Hello all. I just have a quick question for you. I've segmented my auto-responder list into those who opt in for my free ebook and those actually buy my program. I've set up a 21 email follow up sequence for my buyers, but was wondering how long should my follow up sequence be for those who opt in for my ebook? How aggressively do I market to those who opt in, but don't end up buying my program? I'm assuming my two follow up sequences will be quite a bit different. Hopefully this all makes sense.


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    Well there's no golden rule here it completely depends on what you want from them and how strong relationship you want to build.

    Personally I have a follow up sequence of 30 days and I email them every day
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      Thanks Javistio for the feedback! Do you have a fairly long follow up sequence for those who just opt in for your freebie, or do you keep it concise for non-buyers?
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    Hey, i like to think that the problem is not the segmentation you just did. It should actually be about the offer you make them. If you are presenting the wrong product to them, they will never buy. also remember that some of the people on your "buyers" list are on some other people's list too where they are not buying anything. Think wisely and make your offers carefully
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      Thanks for the feedback summersalt, I appreciate it. I too think the offer is of critical importance...something I need to take a second look at.
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    Hey man,
    It's true... there's no "perfect formula"...

    But, the best results I've seen for my own business and my clients is this:

    Email them every day something helpful. NO HARD TEACHING. You don't want to give them so much info that they feel like they don't need your product. Gary Halbert called it "baiting the hook".

    Soft teach. Tell them "what" but not exactly "how". Entertain... Use stories as much as you can and hook them back into your product.

    You can go Ben Settle style and rig these up every day or you can go Andre Chaperon style and go 30, 60, 90 day auto-responder sequences...

    Personally I mix the two... And I recommend you figure out how hot your market is and then tweak this to match that: a 30-day AR sequence, and once completed, they go onto your house list where you continue to email them.

    But it all goes back to your market, your product, and how badly your market's hurting for what you have...
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      IM Niche is every other day emailing for me.

      Non- Im niche is usually about 3 times a week.

      I have at least 100 Follow Ups for my Lists across the board

      - Robert Andrew
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      Thanks Taylor for the feedback and valuable advice...gave me a lot to think about. Time to get busy!
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    It's like asking how long is a piece of string?

    As the list owner you decide what to do, but the most important thing is make sure that the follow-up is actually entertaining and helps build up a relationship as to why it's worth listening to what you have to say?

    Don't just still in the cookie cutter drivel that some expert told you would work,
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    I personally set up a 30 day mail out sequence for my freebie list. For my buyers I don't send mail out as much as the freebie. I will send a offer or content I think is useful out every other day.
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      Hi Skyro,

      Does each email in your follow up sequence for your freebie list link back to your main product, or are you also weaving in affiliate products? I'm just trying to get a grasp of the nature of my freebie follow ups. Any feedback or suggestions you can give me would be very helpful!


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    If you email daily and people start to drop off your list then you need to adjust the frequency of your emails

    I have some lists where I am still getting emails years later - most of us have more than a 30 day sequence in our AR programs
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      Thanks Aussie_Al for the feedback. Looks like so much of this comes down to testing and tweaking.
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    The sequence should not end never and the email should be realted always.

    Offer other products may help you convert subscribers into buyers.
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