How should I grow my subscriber list?

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Can I buy a list when I'm just starting out with email marketing?
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    Buying a list is like scraping a list, which is waste of time.

    Make a good list, will take time, but will be much more valuable
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    Do not buy a list. make a good list.

    Building an Email list means building targeted traffic to your site. You can find answers from here.
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    I guess that question that you are asking is how do you build a list SUPER FAST?

    For beginners - I would suggest that you stay away from buying lists. There is a lot that goes into it and you need thousands of dollars just to get started, plus, you will need to set up a private server to send emails to your lists, you will not be able to import them anywhere. So just the set up alone can take you months...

    However, let me share with you a how I would recommend that you get started.

    Building a list today is very SIMPLE and I even dare to say that it is easy. Even more,
    today I do not do almost anything to build my list - I have people working for me who do

    That should be your goal as well

    Basically, what you need to do is this:
    1. You build a small list of 2000 people (I'll show you how to do it)
    2. You start doing ad swaps (I use to do all of this).

    What is ad swapping? It's when you promote someone else's free gift and they do the same for you.

    For example, I have a gift, it shows people how to make money online. To get the gift a person has to submit their email address first. You also have a gift of a similar nature and you also collect email addresses. I email your gift, you email my gift.

    We both benefit and grow our lists.


    There is a RIGHT (NEW) way to do ad swaps and a WRONG (OLD) way. I'll teach you everything I know about it. I've done about 3000 ad swaps by now, so if you have an ad swapping problem - I am your guy.

    You do ad swapping to a point where you find yourself making more money online than you have ever thought possible (it will take you one year to get to this point)

    Your goal should be 200 new subscribers per day. I get 500 - 1500 per day. Yesterday I got 1162 new subscribers. But I haven't really even got started yet.

    When you get about 1000 clicks per day, you start selling your traffic (in other words, you sell something we call "solo ads")

    Why Others Do NOT Make This Work:

    I see many people who say that ad swapping does not work anymore. They say that it used to work in the past, but it does not work anymore to build a good list.

    Here's What You Need to Do:

    1. You build a small list of 2000 people (very easy to do).

    How? Get free traffic - a few good tactics are: video marketing, forum marketing, guest blogging.

    There are a few more, but it would take a whole bunch of time to cover it. It takes quite a bit of time to explain free traffic generating techniques, so I'll not do it here.

    Buy traffic - in the beginning, stick just to SOLO ADS. What is a solo ad?

    Let's say I have an email list. You come to me. You pay me $100 to promote your page - you have just bought a solo ad from me.

    2. You join and start doing ad swaps

    3. You email your list a LOT,

    What do you email? Your partners who you do ad swaps with, will give you their landing pages. That's what you email. Sometimes you may also sell some of your traffic, but don't sell more than 50% of your traffic.

    That's almost it.


    This is simple, this really works. But it does not mean it's easy. EVERYTHING is HARD before it is easy!

    It will be hard! And it will probably be complicated in the beginning...

    BUT... if you read the plan above one more time, you'll realize it's quite simple. There's only three steps:

    1. Build a list of 2000 people
    2. Start doing ad swaps
    3. Mail your often

    Do not devalue this, just because this is so simple. THIS WORKS.
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    Hi guys,

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    No, Do not buy the list. It's not going to help you at all in the long run, and with bought lists you have a higher chance of landing in Spam Traps as you can never trust the lists that you get.

    Building your list from scratch definitely takes a long time, but it's certainly worth the effort that you put into it.

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    You can buy a emial list but in my opinion building you own email list is the best option.
    1) Create remarkable email content. Your content needs to be amazing if you want people to stay subscribed -- and if you want them to forward it to their friends, family, and colleagues that aren't already on your email list.
    2) Create a new lead-gen offer -- like a free ebook or whitepaper -- and require visitors to provide their email address in order to download it. If you're having trouble coming up with new offers,this blog post provides suggestions for ways to simply and quickly create lead-gen content.
    3) Host an online webinar and collect email addresses at registration.
    4) Create a free, online tool or resource and have users sign up with their email address. For example, HubSpot has created plenty of free tools to use for prospect and lead generation -- most recently Marketing Grader.
    5) Add a OR code to your print marketing collateral that people can scan to opt in to your email database.
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    I would suggest building your list yourself instead of buying. Those list you buy alot of times are nto good at all by building your list yourself you can get alot more targeted subscribers in your niche and great results. You can start off using free methods such as social media ( facebook), article marketing, forum and blog posting good content to build your list.
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    You can rent email lists (solo ads) and use them to help you build your list.

    Just learn all about solo ads and start adding up subscribers. Just make sure you follow up and start converting leads into sales - so you can spend more on solo ads. It is a vicious cycle if you learn how to get it started right!

    I hope this helps!

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    Yeah don't buy an email list. The subscribers won't be very responsive, and its pretty shady.

    Instead focus on getting traffic by uploading helpful YouTube videos (make sure you soft pitch your squeeze page at the end of it), using social media websites like Twitter to build a following, using Facebook ads, or even guest posting.

    There are a lot of different ways you can build up your list without you having to buy an email list.
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