Case Study - Do the Same Subscribers Open Your Emails?

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I thought I would share an interesting case study with all of you guys.

Case study - Do the Same Subscribers Open Your Emails?

I’m going to make this short and sweet.

At one time during my list building journey I was really curious to know if it’s same people who open my emails everyday or not.

For those of you who may not know me, the model I use is CHURN AND BURN, I DO NOT BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH MOST OF MY LISTS. Building a relationship is great - results can be very good if you're willing to wait a long time to get profitable results. With Churn and Burn model the results can happen much, much faster.

Ok so basically what I wanted to know was… if you get let's say 100 opens from an email you send to your list, is it the same 100 people who open them, even if you have, let's say 5000 subscribers?

Now that I put out that question, I’m sure you’re curious to know too…

I learned early in my life that until you have proof of something, you can't really believe it, even if you are 110% sure.

Donald Trump once said that when he hears people telling him about the work they have done and when they say “I have absolutely no doubt this is going to be a winner”, that's when unexpected problems start to happen.

It's not like it's not going to be a winner, it's that there are doubts in every situation, you can never be sure.

So, I took a tracking link and I used that SAME tracking link for the next 4 days.

Even more, my team and I decided to take things to the extreme to make this test as accurate as possible and email my list 5 times per day.

We used Core Click Maximizer (a rotator) which means if the same person clicks on a link 5 times (or more), each time they will see a different offer, which also means, there's no chance for them NOT to click on a link because they think it is the same offer that they will see.

Results were impressive and I was stunned.

Here are my findings:
  1. We got 1889 RAW CLICKS
  2. We got 1778 UNIQUE CLICKS
  3. Our spam complaints did NOT go up per email
  4. The same amount of people unsubscribed per broadcast (I don't mean in total, I mean per broadcast, for example, let's say we used to send one email per day and we used to get 10 unsubscribers per day, now we got 60 per day)


If you build a list from ad swaps and solo ads, it IS different people opening your emails every day.

How do you feel about this case study? What are your thoughts?
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    This is a good case study. In my own findings, there is a core group of people (ie 10%) that open nearly every email. On average, the open rate is 15%. That said, each week there are 5% of people who may be unique or may be the same person opening the email.

    Like you, my unsubscribe rate tends to stay nearly the same with each send no matter how the other stats appear.

    That said, my offer is the same for each email.
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    Thanks for doing this case study. Something I had been wondering for a while.
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