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Hi Guys,

I have a small list of subscribers (Getresponse) that I want to start sending out a monthly newsletter with cancer prevention tips & strategies. I do a lot of research into natural health so content is not an issue. What I would like to know is the basic things such how do I start a newsletter, i.e. is there a specific platform I need to use that has the layout of a newsletter and good quality.

I already have a logo that a graphic designer created for me that I'll be using as the newsletter header.
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    Any emailing system has html templates to choose from included.

    Why not make a test campaign in your getresponse and mess with it?

    And the general emailing rule is to send 3-5 emails separated by a day or two of pure great content before you send an affiliate/product link. And rince & repeat.
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    I recommend you to sign up on It is a great tool for sending newsletters and has nice templates for creating newsletters.
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    Marin, getting started at GetResponse is really simple. As RealCasher suggests, just get started. It is much simpler than you may expect. Here are some instructions on getting started: What is a campaign? How do I create a new campaign? - GetResponse Support
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    Thank you all for your replies guys. I'm new to Getresponse so wasn't aware that it had newsletter templates. I'll check that out.
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    I would suggest gathering a number of topics in the niche using google email alerts, google , blogs and forums. The I would write a subject for each day in that niche and write a piece about eg. one day would be about ways to excercise to prevent cance next day be what foods you can eat. Set it up in your autoresponder where one goes out each day. If you have a blog you can write about the different subjects on your blog and send a email to your subscribers each day sending them to different blog post.
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    Thanks Skyro that's a good plan.
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