Fastest Free Way To Build a List?

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What in everyone's opinion is the fastest way to build a list of 1,000 subscribers?

I mean e.g. you have 7 day from now or someone will put a gun to your head if you don't have a list of 1,000 subscribers of a certain quality (e.g. 20% opt-in rate or 1% sales conversion etc, so you don't just spam spam and get 1,000 low quality subscribers). You also only have a budget of $500 for everything. I mean living, food, shelter, as well as business.

Some ideas I got:

- Guest blog some real high quality stuff on a few blogs in my target market with high authority and leave an email form at the bottom if they want access to a free gift. Use guest blog email templates that have been proven to work (i.e. copywriting and appealing to benefits)

- Guest video tutorial on a high authority youtube channel. Same strategy as above but for video.

- Offer to write a series of emails for someone who already owns a list which provides shit tonne of value (closer connection with their list) and which has a form to my list at the end of the series if they want to find out more.

Anyone got any others?
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    Definitely Solo Ads. Of course, that's if you are in MMO niche or Personal Development.

    If not, then PPC ads are the quickest, but sometimes the costliest

    - Robert Andrew
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      Originally Posted by discrat View Post

      Definitely Solo Ads. Of course, that's if you are in MMO niche or Personal Development.

      If not, then PPC ads are the quickest, but sometimes the costliest

      - Robert Andrew
      Are solo ads worth it or they will be only waste of time and money?
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        Originally Posted by mushmush View Post

        Are solo ads worth it or they will be only waste of time and money?
        Properly used they are definitely worth it.

        Easiest way to even profit from them is having a high converting sales funnel behind the Opt-In page with your own product. That allows you to recoup your money fast.
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    Paid traffic but make all the money back on day 1. Doesnt cost you anything if you are profitable right away.
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    What is the meaning of building email list quickly?

    It means "getting more targeted traffic to your site"

    3 Proven Strategies to Get 1000+ Visitors per Day

    Buying subscribers is not useful. Try to build effective email list with the strategies.

    Building targeted traffic is not easy. Really, It is difficult. You need massive effort for this.
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    Takes ages to build a targeted list, if you build a list quickly you will have to do FREE Offers & then you will attract quite a lot of FREEBIE Seekers who want free stuff all the time.
    Take your time & offer good sales offers that's the secret & also good quality value in your ads.
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    Step #1: You should offer high quality products in exchange for your visitor's name and email. Give away things that you could charge for. Get graphics done for the gift. Make it appealing. 'Sell' the freebie so that visitors opt-in.

    Step #2: Add a special offer after sign up to monetize the time and effort you put into promoting your squeeze page - This may very well be the last time they see your website, so now is a good time to make a sale. You can offer an upgraded version of your product e.g. add audios, add videos, offer resell rights, private label rights etc. as a paid upgrade.

    Step #3: Offer a down-sell - Not everything will buy your main offer, however some will buy a cheaper version if the price is right. Offer about half the amount of content for about half the price.

    Step #4: Create a download page - Put the gifts you promised on your squeeze page here. You should have another 2 different download page, depending if your subscriber bought any upgrades.

    Step #5: Add recommended resources to your download page - If you're offering a free eBook on 'how to setup a WordPress blog' for example, offer WordPress training tutorials as a recommendation to help them further. If you're offering a free eBook on how to write articles, recommend an article submitter or spinner to help them on their journey. Decide on your niche within the I.M. niche if that's where you're heading and you'll know what products you should be giving away.

    Step #6: Have an affiliate program in place - Setup a 100% commission program using JVZoo, DigiResults, or your own self-hosted one, so that anyone who promotes your site can earn full commissions when a subscriber upgrades. It your OTOs are successful, subscribers will actively promote it. You should also remind them about in your auto-responder sequence.

    Step #7: Have a solid email back-end sequence in place. The whole point of this is to build your list and also connect with them. If they don't even know who you are after sending out a broadcast, you're going to get very low clicks and very high unsubscribes. So prepare a couple of weeks worth of emails that just hand out good quality information and content spaced a few days apart.

    More information is in my signature.
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      Don't worry.

      I'm not talking about the backend sequence or the promotion of a free offer. C'mon, that stuff is elementary and basic, and sorry I should have said in my initial post that will get done.

      What I'm talking about is GETTING the people to get on your email list. And getting them to your list within 7 days. Think off the wall strategies here. Constraints = Creativity.

      And those who discount guest blogging, I'd like to hear more about this. Outside the MMO niche very very very successful careers have been launched on 3-5 really well thought out, really targeted guest posts on guest blogs. I'm talking like write some of your best stuff for the guest post.

      Love him or hate him, The 4 Hour Work Week main marketing efforts when Tim was an unknown was through guest blogs and getting bloggers to write about him. And he did this via the strategy I outlined above.

      For those who say paid ads, what would be your goto method to make a profit in your 1st day? CPA offers? Solo Ads? Affiliate Links? PLR content?
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        Originally Posted by The Heasman View Post

        For those who say paid ads, what would be your goto method to make a profit in your 1st day? CPA offers? Solo Ads? Affiliate Links? PLR content?
        OP said nothing of making a profit. Just said a list of 1,000. If I was focused on making a profit in 7 days then I would have said you asked a stupid question because it doesn't take a list of 1,000 to make a profit. I can do that with a small list of 50. Even 20. I would have told you you were not targeting a buyer. And I do mean "A" buyer. Not several. Just "a".

        I would have sold a service for no less than $500 if I was starting out. You'd have to be starting to need to know how to do that, and starting out, your confidence level is usually not closer to $2,500.
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    The quickest way it's definitely solo ads, however if you have $500 let's say each click costs you 0.40 that's 1250 clicks, if your opt in page converts an average of 40% opt in rate, you'll have 500 subscribers.

    Which means that you'll need $1000 if you want 1000 subs.

    If you can't afford that, mix solos or fb ads with YouTube, I built a list of 13,000 people suing YouTube, but it takes time and effort.

    I trust this helps,

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      Originally Posted by juanm10 View Post

      If you can't afford that, mix solos or fb ads with YouTube, I built a list of 13,000 people suing YouTube, but it takes time and effort.

      I trust this helps,

      Lol even though your post is quite helpful to the op, when I read it, it looks like it says you built a 13k list by SUING Youtube.

      I know you probably meant. 'using' Youtube, but still made me burst out in laughter.
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    The fastest way is solos ads.
    But 1000 subs wont help you much.
    Best thing you can do is have a very good funnel that will return the investment but that takes time to test.
    Else you'll be stuck with 1000 subs and that not even enough to sell them as traffic.
    Id say best idea is to go and find somebody that does quality content based marketing and really created trust with his list.
    NOT solo ads list.
    Maybe check out a few launches leaderboards for the top affiliates.
    And if you have some really good free gift to give offer it to his list.
    Or even offer to pay him to send that to his list.
    I am talking about guys that usually don't sell their list for traffic or as solos ads.
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    prefer solo ad. Its very effective.
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    solo ads or focused list building attracting BUYERS, not the freebie seekers.
    It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."
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    Clickbanking is quick way how to get free subscribers.
    But you must have good funnel focused to clickbanking.

    I have 100+ free subscribers daily this way..
    HQ traffic for your MLM / affiliates offers
    100% T1 clicks -
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    solo ad is the fastest way to build your list. but there is plenty of fraud going in the market. people are not selling good quality clicks. so i always suggest you to go to facebook groups and check testimonials. also start with only 50 to 100 clicks. once you satisfied with the result then go for bulk buying. thanks
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    I use solo ads its fast and effective. And if properly setup you could even do it ith a positive ROI
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    Quickest way is to buy a lot of solo ads! You should have some type of one time offer in place that the visitor sees after they opt in. This is how you make some of the money you invested back.

    From there you just keep on buying solo ads until you've built a list of 1,000 people.
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    The quickest and the most predictable is Solo ad way but this has to be backed up a nice funnel to recoup your investments.
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    The fastest way to build an opt-in list is to hold a contest that is combined with what is now called a JV Giveaway. I did one of these and built a list of almost 50,000 opt-in subscriber in just 60 days.

    The very first day I received over 2,000 opt-in subscribers, which I'm sure exceeds your goal.

    I did not do the 50,000 with one contest but two contest which both ran within the 60 days.

    The campaign was called... Every One Will Win!

    To do this I contacted several gurus and asked them to donate one of their top high ticket products as a prize for my contest. I believe both time I got six or seven prizes. So I had a Grand Prize, First Place Prize, Second Place Prize, Third Place Prize and a Fourth Place Prize.

    Now the Fourth Place Prize was from me and I called it an ePackage. It had several gifts in it that I specially made that would also promote all my products. The deal was that everyone would at least win the Fourth Place Prize.

    It was a drawing on the last day of the contest and that is how the prizes where given away.

    The biggest part of Every One Will Win is that I also got a little over 1,000 people to joint venture with me. These people would also donate a gift and that gift would be listed in a giveaway. The JV partners would email their lists and tell everyone on their lists about the contest.

    They would also tell people on their list that they were giving away one of the products they usually sell.

    So their subscribers would sign up to the contest... Now they are on my list. then they would have access to a list of hundreds of products that were also being given away. To get the other products that were being given away they would have to opt-in to the person's list who was giving the product away.

    So this also gave all these JV Partners a chance to build their lists also.

    It was very successful for me and I could write an complete ebook on this as I have been the only one to use this method of building a list.

    You see, I figured out that the best way to build a list was to go to where the people who wanted to be on my list hang out. I figured out that they hang out on other people's lists. So I had to figure out a way to get them from other people's list onto my list in the fastest way possible.

    I first used this strategy back in March of 2004 with a project called Immediate Success Sweepstakes.

    In 2006 is the first time I used Every One Will Win. The last time I used Every One Will Win was back in 2011. You can see this is really true because you will find a page saying the contest is over at...

    Everyone Will Win - The Easiest Contest To Win In 2011

    This is not an active website any more but could be again with some preparation. It is just to show what I have been explaining is true.

    It did not cost me anything to build a huge list in a very short time other than the cost of the domain name. I gave away great High Ticket prizes, which did not cost me one penny. Plus I now have a list that is very valuable.

    It is my JV Partner list. I have over 8,000 people on this list that I have done some kind of Joint Venture with.

    So you just have to think outside of the box and come up with an easy and fast way to get people from other people's lists onto your list.

    I just happen to find an interview about my first Everyone Will Win project in 2006. It is about an hour in length and It is about how I ran a contest to win a contest Joel Christopher was doing. It is an old recording and in this recording Joel is promoting it as I was able build a list of 1,000 subscribers in 30 days and 10,000 subscribers in 99 days.

    In the recording you will hear that I eventually correct him be cause I had surpassed the 1,000 subscribers in one day and had 10,000 subscribers in 30 days.

    You can download the recordings at...

    How I Built A List Of 10,000 Subscribers In 30 Days

    I also explain what I did to build that list so fast. Please remember these recordings are from 2006.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    1 week and 500$, how build a targeted list of 1000persons. ok:

    300$ i would buy a list of contacts.
    100$ I would opena an AdWords campaign
    100$ I would use Facebook Ads

    0$ upload youtube videos
    0$ post comments in some blog
    0$ open a socil media page (Facebook, Twitter)

    Free Guide to Make Money Online [Now!]
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    Doesn't cost you anything if you are profitable right away.
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    FASTEST Way to Build a List I would for sure say Solo Ads and other paid types of ads ex : Banners.

    Remember it's all about having a responsive list at the end of the day a non responsive list!
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    I collected more than 1500 email subscribers within last 40 days using my blog.

    Here is the summary of my previous 40 days.

    I use email lists seperately to identify total amount of subscibers.

    Homepage: 34% (about 533 subscribers)
    Optin form: 26% (about 407 subscribers)
    Right Sidebar: 16% (about 251 subscribers)
    After content: 7% (about 109 subscribers)
    After Entry Widget: 17% (about 266 subscribers)

    Total Amount of Subscribers = 1566

    Total Amount of Visitors in previous 40 days = 8376

    Conversion Rate = 18.6

    I got about 1500+ email subscribers within 40 days. According to these numbers, I can build 10K email list within 263 days.
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    I agree with all the opinion of others. For me to build your list fast is by solo ads because time matter in your situation. usually by using solo ads acording to your $500 budget you can get up to 500-1000 click depending on the solo ads seller. based on my experience you can get up to 2-3 sales. you can reinvest the money back in solo ads
    here are some sources of solo ads
    2.solo ads testimonial group in facebook can search in warrior forum for solo ads seller
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    I like your idea of doing guest blogging, if done right, it can drive some serious traffic back to your site, keep us posted how it goes
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