Moving Subs from One List to the Other (AR Question)

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Hi Warriors,

Been a while since I started a thread, more of a lurker than a poster, ah!

Anyway I am setting up a website and have a quick auto-responder question for you guys:
How do I move a subscriber from a "free sub list" to a "buyers sub list?"

Here's the scenario: Joe goes into my site and signs up for my free report. He's on my "free sub list". After a couple of days he buys my product and he signs-up for it as well. Now he's on my "buyers list" but still on my "free sub list".

I want to promote different content to those two lists and make sure there are no duplicates. How do I automate this process, moving from one list to the other?

Thanks for all the help. I hope that was not too confusing, ah!

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