Best Way to Build a List?

by NevinC
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What is the best way to build a list? Solo ads, blogging, social media etc.?
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    social media marketing

    Driving traffic through video marketing on your squeeze page

    Driving traffic through slidshare on your squeeze page

    paid advertisement
    Signature Email marketing service , single and double optin accounts. List Hygiene Service Available.
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    that depends on how fast you want to build a list... if you want to build a list fast... then go for solo ads, otherwise go for forums, article and lastly thru blog
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    It depends on your budget. If you don't have enough money or are afraid to spend it, I recommend you go with free methods like content marketing, social media,... Now if you're willing to invest some money, go with solo ads and doing ad swaps. It's really fast that way, but you've got to have a very good funnel to convert leads into buyers in order to break even from the ad spend.
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    A great starting point is social media if your looking to build a list on a budget.

    I have just ran a case study using social media.

    Using only Twitter and Instagram I managed to build a list of 439 subscribers in just 2 weeks in the health niche.

    I have a link to the case study in my signature.
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    EASILY through some kind of PPC.

    My favourite is solo ads. But list building is a simple racket.

    If you can make $2 for every $1 you spend, you can become GROSSLY rich.

    Then you just keep reinvesting, and building a list for free.
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    It depends on what is "best" for you. If you want to build it fast and also want to get a decent amount of buyers (not just freebie-seekers) I´ve found Facebook to work pretty well.

    Solo ads didn´t really work for me so far (maybe I am just screwing it up) - got a lot of subscribers, but no sales, low open rates and low CTR - not what I´m looking for.
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    Videos are a great way to get traffic to your web pages. At the end of each video you create, include a slide that includes a URL to your sign up form.
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    Create a compelling squeeze page and then create a freebie to encourage prospects to join your list. You could also use On-Page Optimization to pull in organic search engine traffic to your web pages.
    Off-Page Optimization tactics can also boost your rankings and Pay Per Click search engine marketing works really well.
    These are just a small handful of ways to build your list, but if you do a search online, you will find an abundance of various ways to get your list up and running.
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    Build a quality email list is the most important concern for marketers. Here are some ways:
    1. Place a call-to-action button on your blog & every blog page, for example, "Like our blog? Click here to subscribe"
    2. On-site surveys
    3. Sign up forms on website's relevant pages.
    4. Lead capturing form on landing pages.
    5. Through social media

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    ads, email, blogging, video marketing etc.

    visit website product review

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    Been working with a coach. Stared me off with one free traffic method, Forum Marketing and one paid traffic method, Solo Ads.

    Will be doing blogging and Facebook next.

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    If you want to strong build list then you use solo ads the best way to generate list and second thing is you use a free stuff any thinh else related to you niche that is generate to list .and you promote this product in social media like facebook.and google plus page create and derive traffic to page to direct on your site.
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    Hey Bobby,

    In my opinion the best way to grow a responsive email list has to be solo ads. If you don't know what they are this is when you pay a person who already has a giant email list for your niche and they send out an email promoting your squeeze page.

    BE SUPER CAREFUL when going this method. It's always best to get reccommendations from people whom used them in the past. Once you find a good provider the result can be HUGE!! It's just finding the good provider is the difficult part :/

    Hope this helps

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