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Hey guys quick question. I have created a decent size list through my blog. My blog is mostly about myself and my daily activities. I have been trying to brand myself as a multi-talented individual so that I can monetize my list into different sections of people dependent upon their niche interests. However, the problem is, is that the messages I am giving my subscribers are more, conversational. As opposed to me selling them a certain product.

What should I do that would allow me to make the transition needed to be able to sell these people various products? Remember I am initially trying to brand myself rather than get labeled into being this "expert" in one specific type of field. I want to be able to have the luxury of promoting various products in different niches. Any thoughts ?
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    You should always be selling. Even in posts where you aren't selling.

    For example, you may write a very valuable post on tips for whatever activity. Make sure some of the tips will be supported by a product you will offer later. But not promoted in the value posts.

    Say "10 Tips to better hiking: #4 High quality boots. Explain why they are important and how they help.

    Then whenever you promote a sale on hiking boots you've pre-sold them at some point in the past on the idea that good hiking boots are important.

    Also, do not try to sell too many things at once. Pick one or two product you intend to promote and then make non-selling value posts that would tend to favour those products.

    For each product run a "campaign" of value posts, pre-sales posts and direct selling posts.

    If you want to sell more products you can start new campaigns as older ones end.

    Brand yourself in the value posts. Really make them high quality and helpful. And when you promote, don't be shy. You told them they need good boots and these are the ones you recommend.
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