Facebook ads or Solo ads ?

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Hi there !

I'm really in need of some advices in wich way should I advertize my squeeze page ( weight loss niche )should I target people using facebook ads or just go with solo ads ? any information would help me so much !
Thank you
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    The choice for you would be to buy solo ads.There are loads of solo ads sellers with Weight Loss lists.
    I would highly recommend using Udimi solo ad network. This website is uber safe and has a lot of quality solo ad sellers
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    Why not try both? Do split tests over 5-10 ads to see where you make the most money per visitor and scale.
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      I was buying likes from Facebook on my fan page from your niche.
      Price is about $0.50 but engagement is 0.

      Now I know the way how to buy one like for $0.10, and these funs are very active and from niche you need.
      Contact me if you need this service.

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    Both traffic sources have their pros and cons..
    Such as with solo ads the results are quite quick, can be scaled, recover costs
    BUT the pros are alot of spammers out there, saturated
    With FB ads you can get extremely cheap clicks with targeted traffic
    BUT again you can get your account banned or no success from the current ads
    which means loss of money.

    So it really depends..
    Dawood Khan
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    I find Facebook PPC a pain to work with, like getting ads approved and ending up getting account banned. So if you find good solo ad sellers in your niche, go for it.
    But of course, doing both would be the best.....just make sure you follow all the terms for Facebook ads.
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    Thanks for your replies

    Do you recommend any solo ad sellers in this niche ? I was searching all over the internet but can't find any good trusted ones !
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      Go to "solo ads sales testimonials" group in facebook, they have great solo ads vendors. Just ask them if they have or know someone that sells solos in your niche. I hope that helps
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  • Solo ads are an easier way for you to get quality leads fast.

    However, they are both highly profitable traffic sources

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    I have to disagree with many here
    that think that paid traffic like solo
    ads are great traffic source.

    You really need to do some real
    research and have a solid
    understanding where you target
    audience hang out...

    There are 3 type of traffic temperatures,

    1/ HOT
    2/ WARM
    3/ COLD

    Solo ads is the coldest traffic you can
    ever get, so im not saying its not good
    but you really need to learn and have a
    strategy to warm them up,

    Warm traffic are people who are already
    in your list maybe from free traffic source
    that liked what your delivering and want
    to follow you,

    Hot are you closest friends or family who
    really like and trust you...

    That is the basic of understanding the
    traffic temperatures...

    The best way is to have a strategy planned
    and apply it.
    May be choose 2 free traffic strategy,
    blogging once a week and paid traffic..

    The free strategy traffic is the best way
    and you should not rely on paid traffic.

    While you are building you list with the
    paid traffic as its fast and targeted, you
    are building what i called a spider web
    traffic on free strategies,

    Free traffic is time investment but results
    come overtime, but when they do come
    that is the best warm traffic that comes,

    The only key to success in free traffic is
    to stay consistence and keep working your

    Why i called it a spider web on free traffic
    is because over a long period of time you
    have your free traffic spread out like a web
    and will catch free leads with the work you
    done before...

    Its all about testing but for free strategy is
    all about being consistence and sticking to
    it to see results...
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