Duplicating optin subscribers across multiple lists/niches

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If I wanted to promote my other niches to my existing list of say 'Internet Marketing' for them to subscribe to, in other words duplicate the same subscriber across multiple niches/lists, what would be the best way of doing that?
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    You can email them with a link to subscribe to your other list, or a link that will automatically add those people to a list without re-opting in. You can just broadcast an email offering something that will lead them to a main list, where you can combine them all.

    This way, your emails won't be irrelevant and people won't unsubscribe because you send emails that are not in their interest. Sending emails about a totally different niche might be so annoying and most of them will unsubscribe, or mark you as a spam, and then your emails will mostly go to spam box.
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      You can email your list of subscribers about your new offer. If someone will be interested in that niche they will opt in. Hope this helps.
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