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by mgolub
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Don't know if this is the type of thing, really a Mailchimp support question, but support isn't available on a free account and I want to test this before I commit. If I'm in the wrong place, apologies in advance.

I'm using Mailchimp with integration to Zoho CRM. There's data I want to bring over but the mail tags are confusing. For example, I have list of Products in Zoho and I want those available in Mailchimp for segmentation. But I don't have a multiple items from list type selection. If I select Dropdown as the type, it needs me to populate the options. What field values in Zoho do I need to use or can this list populate automatically?

I have checkbox type fields as well but the only Mailchimp tag option is Radio Button.

If anyone has information to share, I'm all ears. Again, sorry if this isn't the right place for this sort of thing.

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