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I have been searching for some mailing software with some very specific features. Maybe it doesn't exist? I don't want anything like VoloMP. Looking for something more simple with an SMTP rotator and spinning syntax for the messages.


1. Load up list.
2. Load up SMTP profiles and define thresholds for each (hourly send limits etc.).
3. Define message containing spinning syntax.
4. Drip and distribute via random SMTP profiles.
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    Can you elaborate exactly what you are wanting for 3 and 4?

    What exactly do you consider spinning syntax?
    For sending, what exactly do you consider a smtp profile?

    Your requirement, just aren't clear to me.

    Also on 4, you are saying drip, but in 2, you are saying you want to define the sending rate. So I don't see drip (what ever you consider that to be) to be a requirement, since you set the send rate in 2.
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  • I know what he is trying to do but not gonna happen for sure.
    He wants to register multiple free accounts (SMTP) that give 2000 free relays and in this Genius software to rotate the connections so he can send bulk messages over 10k,20k,30k whatever.
    You better go to paid service pal as this is not business
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    Not trying to send mail for free, I just do not want to send more than 25-100 emails / per hour through any one SMTP so as to not get shut down for bulk mailing.

    Seems safer to distribute a large mailing across multiple SMTP.

    For some reason I cannot find any software with this functionality.
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  • Well I can assure you what counts are usually safe.
    If you send 1 message per 3 seconds at one SMTP you won't be blocked. This is careful analysis from us. That is the actual speed of our SMTP per user.
    This makes total of 28800 messages per 24 hours,which is more than enough.
    We have even pushed it to 80k but we are whitelisted at many places and have good reputation.
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