Best Advice, Tips, Secrets, techniques For Avoiding The Spam Filter

by jbaran
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What is some of the best advice you can provide regarding avoiding the spam folder.

I also heard that one can contact, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo and arrange to get their domain name and email address on their whitelist so that it your emails will not end up in the spam folder even if your subscriber didn't personally add you to their whitelist. Does anyone know if and how this is possible?
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    I have no problems in inboxing on hotmail/yahoo/AOL/icloud/b2b emails as my domain and Ip are in good reputation on all those ISP even if I'm sending my affiliate emails to them.

    This is just a recent thing that I've been doing more like back in march up to now.
    Note : This is a really bad way to do it but hey this is what I've implemented to get sure way to inbox them even if my copy and subject is spam.

    I have a script that I add to my website when collecting links that automatically places a code on their browse silently. Now when a user is logged in to any email service provider the code will execute and my IP's and domain to their whitelist. So all the emails that the user will get will be directly to inbox the only thing that could erase my emails are through the unsubscribe button

    It's all possible with a script and how you utilize everything it's the same as push notifications. There are a few people that have been executing silent push notifications jacking. It's all on the blackhat side but hey you have to do what you have to do to and it's really much cheaper lol
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    First of all, if you are using a macro to generate emails, make sure to set them to a time delay so that the volume and speed you are sending them out at does not get you flagged. I am also a fan of sending a follow up email after the initial email to check if someone got the first message. The check-in usually has a good response rate.
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    1. Do not overuse punctuation marks in the subject line.
    2. Do not overuse punctuation marks in the body of the email.
    3. Test the email before doing a broadcasting - you will find the test option in the autoresponder.
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    You want to know what the domain makeup for your data is and get seed accounts for the top domains. For most, aol. hotmail, yahoo, gmail and parent domains of them, can account for up to 90%. So at the very least, you could go with them.

    You want to test yout message before you send it with the seeds and check your inbox placement. If there is any spam folder problems, then you can fix it before you actually send to your list. You also want to add the seeds to your actual list, so when you send, you will have an idea of the deliverability.

    If your hitting the spam folder, it's basically going to be caused by a problem with one of the following three areas.

    Back-end settings: spf, dkim, rdns, etc...
    IP / domain reputation: any IP or domain associated with the mailing.
    Content: everything in the message body, including the template, subject line, etc...

    You need to test and isolate the problem and correct it.
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    At the bottom of my email, especially in the welcome email, I put a note that asks the subscriber to add us to their contact list or address book.

    Best practice? text-image ratio to avoid getting sent to the spam folder. And always place an unsubscribe link/button.
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    From a content perspective – avoid things such as all caps or spammy words in your subject line and body content.

    From a sending perspective – I would suggest using a platform that can provide you details on your deliverability. There are some free options out there (depending on your list size) for both B2B and B2C sending.
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