How Utilize Mobile Articles To Collect Emails?

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I've read from a lot of professionals now a days that Pop Ups Are a thing of the past because they ruin your readership.

Is there is a better way to utilize my articles to collect email subscribers from Mobile?
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    You can place a JOIN MY MAILING LIST button at the end of your email, to encourage them to subscribe.
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    What others that I have seen do is they make a the sign up list on the side and make it non movable so when someone scrolls they can still see it.
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    The best way to utilize your articles to collect email subscribers from mobile is, you may create a "sign up" call to action on your page. You can also create enticing visuals to encourage people to sign up for your list, and post them on social media channels ,either on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and most especially on Facebook.
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    Give incentives to your employees. Whenever they’re adding new subscribers to your newsletter, give them a financial reward. Rewards will motivate them to do better and better.
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  • You can follow the direction listed on Pinterest in building your email list. There are lots of choices you may choose to your email list. You may give promos or discount to your customer. For example, whenever they encourage their friends to sign up, you can give them a discount.
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