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Hi there , I am a total beginner in Internet Marketing, as part of my training I have to find some products to promote. My niche is ''Making money on line '' I am trying to use Jvzoo to find some products but I'm not having any luck .. any ideas
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    Check out offer vault, you will find tons there and where to find them.
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  • This is the content that i recently sent to my email list hope this helps

    "How To Pick The Best Affiliate Products To Promote…"

    These days, it seems like everyone is out to get their piece of the growing
    affiliate marketing pie.

    Yet, research shows that only about 20% of all affiliate marketers earn a profit.


    More than anything, it’s because most affiliate marketers execute poorly, and
    pick the wrong products.

    While generating affiliate commissions is not easy, it’s also not as difficult as
    you may think.

    Here are a few tips that should get you on track to profits:

    1. Promote what you use!

    Do you use a particular product or service that you love? Does it have an
    affiliate program? Ding! Promote that baby!

    If you’re a fan of a particular product/service, it will genuinely show in your
    posts, reviews, and any other time that you mention it.

    If you have subscribers who respect your opinion, you can bet that they’ll trust
    you on your recommendations.

    And… they won’t even care about you getting paid for making it!

    2. Choose the affiliate network that’s best for you.

    Like most people, you’ll start with one of the major networks. These include:
    ClickBank, ShareASale, JVZoo and CJ/Conversant.

    You can always promote products on any or all of the networks. But it’s better
    to focus your energy on one.

    Your choice will depend on what niche(s) you’re in.

    Each network has its affiliate program rankings data, allowing you to see the
    best sellers on the platform. Use it when deciding on products.

    3. Use Google!

    Already know popular vendors with excellent products for your niche? Just use
    Google to determine if they work with affiliates.

    Just do a specialized search using this format:

    “ affiliate”


    “product name + affiliate program”.

    This works great, especially in niches where there aren’t a lot of offers. It’s a
    great hack, so use it!

    4. Sell what sells!

    Identify the proven moneymakers.

    As I mentioned before, all networks provide data and rankings, so use that
    information. Choose based on the data, not on gut feelings or how pretty a
    sales page is.

    Remember, with proven winners, it’s much easier to profit. Don’t reinvent the

    5. Ask for review copies or demos!

    Most vendors know the value of letting affiliates try out their products. So don’t
    be afraid to ask for samples or review copies.

    Understand that there’s a huge difference between real reviews written by
    people who actually test-drove a product, versus fake reviews just trying to nab
    an affiliate commission. And readers can usually tell!

    Your goal is to convert 2-5% of your total unique clicks. If you’re averaging that,
    great! You can even start looking for ways to increase your traffic via paid ads.

    If you’re not, tweak your strategy.
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    Google: "Best online marketing affilaite programs"

    I'm in the proccess of finding a product too in the MMO niche as yourself. I searched Clickbank but didnt find any good products that I want to promote.

    The only good Clickbank products in the MMO niche focuses on SEO, which I don't believe is a good starting point for a beginner.

    If you own a product that you like, and you can be an affiliate for it, that's a great way to find a product.

    I myself have found a program called SFM, that I really really like. Probably the best program I've ever seen in my life so far. I'm just not sure about the compensation structure...

    So I'll keep looking around to compare SFM to my other options.
    Nike said it well, just do it!
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    Hi Jorge!

    Jvzoo is great, but mainly for awesome software. But those are a little more advanced guys.

    To get started for you, the definitely best network in the make money online niche is All the products are low ticket, meaning $1-$10 and you get 100% commissions on the front end and usually 50% on the rest of the funnel.

    Watch out for products that convert > 10%, have an EPC of $1+ and a low refund rate (Preferably under 8%). Some products are better than others, but usually they are decent.

    Definitely good enough to get started.

    As a way to generate traffic and sales I would highly suggest going with the review video and youtube combination.

    You go to and watch out for upcoming launches on warriorplus. You chose the offers and apply to all of them (Some might not accept you immediately because you don't have a track record, but don't worry, a lot of them will). Once you are accepted, you make your review video.

    You have three routes to go with:
    1. Look at the bottom of the JV page for a contact information to the vendor. Approach the vendor on facebook for example and say something like this:

    "Hey [NAME], I know you have a launch coming up on April 1st. Looks like it's going to be a good one! I've got a small list of [Insert Number Here] people, and I would like to do a video review on my blog/youtube channel, so that way I am sending nice and high EPCs. Is there any chance I could get review access so I'll make sure I'm doing a solid promo for ya with good EPCs and good traffic?"

    If you don't have a list yet, just say you have a review youtube channel or blog. Approaching a vendor like this will be seen as being more professional and will give you a good chance to actually get review access.

    2. If you don't get review access you could be buying the front end offer. (Even through your own affiliate link.. because they are giving 100% away anyways, so... why not?) But still, this is only when you are broke and can't afford to buy the product.

    3. Make a review video with a simple slideshow containing screenshots from the sales page. This won't be an actual review.. but will still be able to get some traffic on your videos once the offer launches.

    Make sure to include "[Product Name] Review + Mega Bonus" (If you have something you can offer as a bonus of course) in the title.

    And crank out a small description repeating [Product Name] Review and giving them the link to buy (your affiliate link)

    I hope that was of any help!

    If you want some more insights about affiliate/email marketing, feel free to get in contact with me.

    All the best,
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      Thnaks again for your help.
      I already contaced a few vendors to get the review access.
      Is there any way you can provide a few examples of the review videos
      you have made.
      Thanks again for help
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    Go to That tells you all of the upcoming product launches. I find Warrior+ to be better than JVZoo but I know some prefer the latter. Both offer products in the make money niche. Stick to promoting the big name marketers - Mark Barrett/Paul Prissick, Bill Hugall, Glynn (gkmarketing), Billy Darr and Art Flair. Good luck.
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      That's a good source. I'd stick to promoting the big guys also. Brett Rutecky is worth mentioning too.
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    You must sale some products, chose the cheap products and try to sale that as much as possible
    The vendor will approve your request soon.
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    You might also want to take a look at Warriorplus and Clickbank
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    Originally Posted by jorgeeparra View Post

    Hi there , I am a total beginner in Internet Marketing, as part of my training I have to find some products to promote. My niche is ''Making money on line '' I am trying to use Jvzoo to find some products but I'm not having any luck .. any ideas
    Where ever you get these products to promote, only work with the ones that pay you residual income and an income from product upsells.

    If you work with one time commission products, you will always need to get new sales to keep your "business" going.
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  • Make your own product and promote your own product. You have full control of pricing & you know your product very well. You can have 100 customers paying you monthly from an affiliate but that affiliate can cancel any day and then you lose all 100 customers.
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    Try the warriorplus for MMO products, there's some good products in there to promote. They are low-price point offers but some have deep funnels you can make serious money with on the backend. Try promoting the products from lessor known vendors first to build up your profile. The popular vendors wont let you promote as an affiliate if you don't have ya numbers up first.

    Believe. Act. Repeat. Succeed. Reward. Repeat. Get Richer in Friends Life Money Time

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    To add to my post previously, once you have built up your warrior+ profile, then go and promote the bigger vendor products because you know they will convert into sales since these guys are well known in our industry.

    Also, you might try releasing a simple little WSO on the warrior special offers if you have a special skill you can share.

    Believe. Act. Repeat. Succeed. Reward. Repeat. Get Richer in Friends Life Money Time

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    You can check gravity at clickbank and see what is deal of the day at warrior plus. Look at what has a good conversion percentage... since you probably don't have a lot of authority its best to promote someone else's stuff.

    Mike Allen - How to earn $100/Day with Free Traffic Methods

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