what is a good cheap autoreponder to join

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what is a good cheap autoreponder to join
Need help badly

Michael Ladd
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  • hello, there are alot of tools for email marketing like mailchimp,icontact,active compaign,constantcontact,mailerlite,these are very good tools.but in my opinion mailerlite is the best tool having 1000 free subscribers and cheapest tool in the market here is the link of pricing https://www.mailerlite.com/pricing/a/jhi1par1zt
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    Mailchimp apparently does not like affiliate links being sent in the emails that go out from them. As for Mailerlite I tried it and it did not work for me. I worked extensively with their tech support department and they would say things were fine, set up correctly but I could not get a test email sent to me so it apparently did not work well at all. l I abandoned that.
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    I recently ran across SendLane. They offer 14 days as a free trial and then their base level for up to 500 contacts is just $9, 2500 for $19. That's quite a bit less than AWeber or GetResponse and since it was started by internet marketers it is affiliate and IM friendly. I've just started with them and so far I'm quite happy.
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    I've just checked mailerlite, it seems a really good one. upto 1000 subscribers for free. Not a bad deal. Are they a new company? is there a catch?
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    HostGator recently added an autoresponder feature to their service, which is a good idea if you are also looking to own your own domain? I believe it's free up to the first 500 subscribers, although it is a little more expensive than other autoresponders when you go above that level.

    Haven't actually used the Hostgator service, I'm with Sendlane at the moment and I am very happy there.
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    Mailchimp is pretty good, and they are free up to the first 1,000. I just moved from getresponse because they keep having problems sending to hotmail. Aweber is pretty good and it's not too bad priced.
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    Has anybody tried sefhosted MailX autoresponder?
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    Mailchimp is a good option.
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    According to mailchimp, they do not allow Affiliate Marketing but they DO allow Affiliate Links. To make sense of that go here: http://kb.mailchimp.com/accounts/com...s-in-mailchimp
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    Remember that cheap does not always mean good. You get what you paid for.

    This list might help you.

    Good luck

    http://www.wpcells dot com/25-best-email-autoresponders-followup-newsletters/
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    I am presently using aweber and find it reasonably priced. I also have an account with getresponse but have not used at as often as aweber.
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