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I just signed up for MailChimp and tried to create my first campaign. I entered the name TEST and said I wanted to create a Regular campaign. MailChimp then asked me to select the recipients and I chose a segment of my mail list that had one email address. At that point, I thought MailChimp was supposed to display a NEXT button for me to click, however, none appeared even though it displayed the segment I created. What am I doing wrong and how can I correct it?
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    The next and back buttons in mailchimp are at the very bottom of the page, far right and left if I remember correctly. I too very often find myself looking for the buttons until I remember to scroll down.
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  • If you have any plans of doing affiliate promotions in the future stay away from Mailchimp .They will block your account as they do not allow affiliate promotions .

    Having said that if you only plan to promote your product/services then Mailchimp is okay.
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      This information was helpful, thanks! I am having a similar problem creating an email that won't be rejected. I am promoting an affiliate product, but it's masked to look like it's free.
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    Mailchimp also forces double optin as far as my girlfriend said. This kills optin rates because some people are lazy and do not want the extra step. I use sendlane but I am looking to switch to getresponse because the backroom is disorganized in send lane.

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