A question about list building!

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Hi Warriors!

Today i have a question about list building.
Recently i could used a leverage way to increase the size of my list.

But the problem is when i got a lot of new subcribers, there are a half of that amount never opened
any email that i sent to them after 2 months.

For example: I got 3000 new fresh subcribers, but there are 1500 subcriber did not opened any emails from my after 2 months.

My question Is: Is that a nomal number? Or this is a not good result and i should somehow change it?

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    If no hope for your no open list, just clean it. Find another fresh subscribers. Dead subscribers don't bring you sales.
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    Give them some value in your next mail and ask them to reply if they are still interested in following you. If there's no answer from them delete them from your list.
    We all have a side mail for junk mails that wants to collect an email address just to give some free ebook or something. Notice your own behavour on that one. Your list bahaves the same.
    Just think about it. Aren't there a few people that sends you emails that you simply don't want to delete. You're always courious what they are up to.
    Well youur goal must be to become one of those ones.
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    Open rates are typically around 20% for commercial emails. How many emails are you sending a week? As Ratamok suggests, send them an email that says 'Do you hate me?' and asks why they arent opening your emails and to reply directly. If they still dont open then its better to delete for list health.

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      Thank you. I think that I did not get 20% of open rates unfortunately. I sent them not much. Only seven days per week.
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    I would say your open rate of 50% is pretty good

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    You say you 'use a leveraged way'
    I guess you mean you have found something to increase your opt-in rate.
    So basically, you opened the door to your list wider and more people come in.

    And now you see a lot more people who are inside but inactive.

    Seems simple to me - your new way is attracting untargeted audiences who are not really interested. They are lured into opting in by your awesome new technique but once in they instantly lose interest.

    If you really get 50% of people who never once open an email I'd say your list building process is wrong.

    Sorry @aggmcall - we are not talking about 50% open rates here, we are talking about 50% of completely inert inactive subs who never once opened. That's a very high number

    If I understood this right that is
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    Hi Mabu!

    I agree with everything said below, but here is my two cents on how I would resolve the issue:
    - Are your subject lines compelling?
    - Are you providing them value in the field of their interest? for example if you are building a list around how to groom your dog, are you sending valuable content on how to groom their dog, or are you providing content for cat... ( I know the example is weird, but I think it convey the idea)
    - At which frequency are sending them emails? once per day? 4 times per week? once per month?
    If you are sending too many emails people will get bored, if you send 1 per month people will forget you, you need to find the right balance for your list, me for example it's 4 times per week
    -At which frequency are promoting products?
    Also keep in mind that it's extremely hard to retain 100% of your subscribers, you can be doing an excellent job, but people can get bored or move on... losing 50% in 2 month is harsh, but it's not uncommon. Clean your list every 3 months to keep your open rate high, and bring new people in the list, and you should be fine.
    I hope that will help!
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    It depends on how many times you email them and what kind of value you are offering in your emails. If you email frequency is right, then people will remember who you are but if you didn't email for a couple of weeks, then they might forget you in all the noise.

    Also, I recommend Ben Settle type emails which encourage the use of infotaining style meaning they are getting some kind of entertainment but educating them at the same time about your ideas or products.

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      Hey Chester!

      I love your idea of infotaining style! I will try to put it in practice for my list,

      Thanks men.
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        You're welcome Solaris. It seems most people want to be entertained when being marketed to. Think of the best most memorable adverts on TV, very are entertaining. As Ben Settle writes, think of "broccoli wrapped in chocolate"

        Believe. Act. Repeat. Succeed. Reward. Repeat. Get Richer in Friends Life Money Time

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    remove your dead subscriber and add fresh subscriber.
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    50% is very high/bad for 2 months.

    If you delete the 50% that aren't opening, then you really only gained 1500.

    Are the 1500 that are opening producing an ROI on the total cost that you paid to collect/maintain them?

    Are your other subscribers not opening at a much smaller rate over the same 2 month period...your not having a deliverability problem?
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    50% is a great opt in rate. I would delete the ones who never opened ever. But then do what you did the first time again and again. If it is cost effective anyway. The numbers you are suggesting are very good.
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    I think it's 50% is a very good number. Where in subscribed email marketing the number is 20-25%. I doubt if the same 1500 people are not opening in all the time. So you dont know which exact 1500. So somtime they might not open but sometime they see and become a customer too. So I wouldn't clean and keeps adding and increasing my subscriber lists.

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    Y'all are going for the emails being the issue. I would first look at the source of the subscribers.

    Recently i could used a leverage way to increase the size of my list
    Like buying clicks from someone else's list?

    Are you offering a freebie? Are most people downloading it?
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      I was bought clicks from other lists. They opt in and then they never open my emails. So wired.
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    Just 50% churn after 2 months is really good.

    Be careful about deleting dead subscribers - they may actually still have a pulse and you never know when they'll actually have a need for what you're sending. I've got a client who can email someone 40 or 50 times and not get a single open, and then one day they'll open an email out of the blue and put in a 4-figure sales order.
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