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I'm new to the IM world and I want to start to do affiliate marketing.
My question is, do I need to get a landing page builder like leadpages etc.. or a landing page from a getresponse will do?

Thanks in advance.
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    You can use the ones provided by your autoresponder service. but there are also less expensive alternatives to services like leadpages. Just google "landing page wordpress plugin" or "landing page software" you will find lots available. I have used one called paper template for years and it only cost $7.00


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    Hi Mike,

    Start with the cheap one but make sure that they are quality one too. Below i have mentioned few cheap and costly tools.

    Cheap one's with best quality:

    1.) Leadpages (for creating landing pages)
    2.) Getresponce (for email auto responder)

    Costly one's with top quality:

    1.) Clikcfunnels with starter plan (for landing pages and funnels)
    2.) Infusionsoft (for email autoresponders)

    I hope this info helps you.
    Intenet Marketer since 2012, Contact me if you have any doubts, i believe i can help you
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    Are you planning to maintain a wordpress website ?? If so, just try to find Landing Page plugins. You can find somethings like Instabuilder, thrive builder, etc., that you can use directly on ur website.
    If you wish to do affiliate marketing in other ways, you may just use some thing like leadpages or the forms provided by your Autoresponder & get the forms hosted by them.
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    You should have landing that is high converting. or you can create one it is not necessary where you created it as long as it is high converting. if you do it in your own do atleast 3-5 and split test them which has lot of optin.

    But when i started in email marketing and affiliate marketing, i bought done for you system in a box.
    which gives me.
    high converting landing page.
    30 set of follow up emails(everything set up for me from my autoresponder)
    traffic generation training
    and it only cost me $49 Lifetime fee with this.
    I choose to bought everything set up for me system because i cant afford to waste money split testing of landing pages. or availing monthly subscriptions with leadpages.
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      I want to know about the system. From where I can get it?
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    YES AND ... NO.

    Of course you need at leas an OPT-IN PAGE.

    And you can have it for free of course, a lot of wordpress plugin do it for good.


    Think of these points:

    1) TRAFFIC: how much traffic will u send to that page? i mean, as much as possibile i hope u answer. BUT if u send too much traffic, what is the percentage that your site will go down? or takes too much time to load?

    Remember that people takes 30 second to decide if put their mails in your opt in page or would it be like if the site takes 20 second to load?

    2) BUSINESS: Email Marketing IS YOUR ONLY ASSET. It's the lifeblood of your business.
    So do you wanna have a cheap business? choose cheap solutions.
    AND you have to TEST again and again, you have to build as much opt in page suitable for different audience as you can. So think of having dozen of pages in your wp...


    I personally use Leadpages. It's affordable, 37 per month.

    I suggest you if u dont want to use it, to choose an autoresponder like Sendlane which has opt in pages included, even if they are very basic and bit horrible.

    So choose a paid solutions and start good.
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    I've had good experience with gettheresponse landing pages, and since it's included with any plan, I suggest you go with that. Plus, it is fully customizable and they host it for free if you don't have a domain.
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    Hey Mike,

    I would suggest you to use one platform that satisfies all your requirements; Marketing Automation tool is something that'd more likely to favoring you. Aritic is such Marketing Automation platform with landing pages, email marketing,dynamic content, analytics and many more!

    Great luck to you!
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    Hey Mike AT

    I personally use Optimize Press 2. In my opinion they are OK (not perfect by any stretch) or I have used Landing Page Monkey. LPM allows you to add video backgrounds into your landing pages which can increase your conversion rate (obviously you will have to test this).

    I've never used Getresponse myself but I know lots of people that have and they have used their landing page templates successfully and seeing as you need an auto-responder anyway to build your email list Getresponse would be a good place to start IMO.

    Once you start seeing results you could move on to a more expensive page builder Getresponse will be fine to start you off.

    Hope that helps

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    You can use WordPress to create the landing page of your website or you cna simply use build in themes. If you do not have experience in program landing then you can use word press. Even uses without any programming skills can easily use it to develop applications and you can easily maintain your word press application without the help of a developer.
    You can also use the following tips to improve your landing page:
    1.Display strong portfolios in the landing ages
    2. Display customer reviews
    3. Provide upfront feedback to the customers
    4. Implement Easy Navigation
    5. Integrate social media channels
    6. Add contact Information to make landing page trustworthy
    7. Add a contact form in the landing page
    8. Make your landing page faster
    9. Landing page should portray business objective
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    There are lots of good page builders on the net. You just have to choose the best suit for you. Leadpages is recommended. Very user friendly.

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