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Hey guys, I would love some help. I have about 10k of emails all in the fitness niche. I have never promoted to them. I would love some help on the beginning steps. thanks!
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    Have you read anything on this forum before posting this?
    Or are you looking for someone to hold your hand into making millions of dollars?

    Why have you not promoted to them?
    How did you build the list?
    Have you tested any ESP's?

    The questions go on and on and on and on, how can anyone help you if you won't help yourself and spend more then 1-2 lines providing some real information?
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    Assuming that the email list you have is all opt-in and resides on an auto responder you could find a digital product on Clickbank and promote it to them. As ProducerK points out above - you should have answers to his questions before you proceed.

    Also I would suggest making extensive use of the search feature on this forum to use as a research tool to learn about any topic you are interested in.
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    Sounds good that you have 10k of emails and all are in fitness niche. The current situation is that you did not promote them or use till now. Just prepare a self-tool to send mail to the customers along with this you need to prepare a catchy title and content so that customers will show eagerness to read that message. Send the only 5k in a day to the targeted audience and 5k second day and make sure after sending the mails also send them a follow up mail.
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      So all of the emails are in an auto responder. I have not promoted to them at all. I got all of the emails from a family member who started an e-comm company selling fitness apparel and accessories. he has since moved on, and I thought that I could do something with all of these emails. All of the emails are from customers who purchased an item within the last 3 months.
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    Hi! My first question to you is what is the outcome you are looking for. If you would like to monetize leveraging your lists, you can consider promoting the affiliated products.

    Clickbank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus are the good sources you can look for. You can select the products real fit with your subscribers. Once the product is selected, you can send out the emails to your lists for promoting your affiliated products (suggested to have the link cloned nicely). You may send them with a frequent manner and give them the chance to email you too. You would start to see the results in getting sales or receiving emails from those who are interested in the next few attempts.
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      Do I need to have a website or anything in order to do all of this? I would love to monetize this account. all of my subscribers have purchased a product in the fitness niche. Clothing/accessories/ supplements etc. I want to promote physical products. I am currently using sendlane.( because i know nothing about email marketing so i read a book called circle of profit and am trying out his method)
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    If you have a product to sell to them you could create an account in a service like mail chimp and send a newsletter to them.
    Getting that way potencial costumers to your site and selling your product.
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    Are they opt-in that you developed?
    If yes - what did you offer for opting in?
    If no - please elaborate
    How old is the data?
    How much do you know about the niche?
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      They are not opt in that I developed. A family started an e-comm company a few years back, these are customers he has had within the last 3 months that have purchased clothing, food, supplements etc. I know alot about fitness, but I know nothing about marketing. Do i need a website or anything to be able to promote?
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    You can go to clickbank.com to find fitness niche products to promote to your list. Best, Brad
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    Start to get in touch with them. Slowly, be their friend first then you can do whatever you want.

    Hope this help!
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    google the ninjaoutreach linkbuliding, there is really great guide how to promote vie e-mail
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    Since you got these emails from a third party and they never "opted in" to one of your pages, I personally would start by sending them a NEW opt in page so you don't "spam" the list with an ad or campaign that they didn't initially agree to, but hey, that's just me.
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