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Was wondering if anyone else has noticed a sudden change in deliverability to AOL users, beginning in mid-April? Around that time, nearly all of my IPs that were previously inboxing, started going to spam. After some tests, was able to get half of them to inbox again, but now AOL blocks 20-30% of the mail every drop. My data could be to blame, but wanted to see if maybe AOL just made some changes across the board... especially with all of the verizon/yahoo acquisition buzz lately.

For additional info... I mail off of my own IPs, on my own platform. Data is 3rd party rev-share. Thanks.
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    Its not really your data that is to be blamed. AOL has really changed alot of things lately. Best way is to use a reverse IP tech and you'll inbox perfectly.
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      Can you elaborate on this?
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    I think your user complaint rate might have spiked suddenly. Please make sure to contact AOL postmaster department , they are usually very responsive on resolving such issues
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      Have you had luck reaching out to them? In the past they have been unresponsive.. but I suppose it's worth a shot.
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    AOL have always been difficult... they make it very easy to report you as spam so email services are very cagey about delivering your email
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