Noob trying to verify emails.

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Hi all. I have a database of 20k emails, and many many more in various Excel sheets. I bought a program called Atomic Mail Verifier to check them all out. What I didn't realize until I bought it, of course, is that it requires Port 25 to be open, which it is not on my ISP nor my hosting provider.

What is the simplest way to resolve this?
From what I've read and been told the options are as follows.

1) Ask my ISP real nicely to open Port 25. Will they frown on me using port 25 to verify emails? I don't want to get in trouble with them.

2) Find a local hosting provider (again, noob so I have no idea what that is) and verify the emails via web scripts using this tutorial Atomic gave me

3) Use proxies (I'm told this is very expensive for even a list of 10K)

4) Pay someone to give you access to a remote server with port 25 open.

Please explain this to me like I'm 4. I appreciate any and all advice.
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    Use mailget and a throw away SMTP find openers and then import them into your autoreponder...

    I have a way better solution coming out in a few weeks. You really should not have to go through all the technical crap
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    Your ISP is not going to open port 25, 1 way around that is by creating a business account with your ISP, they will not open it for residential accounts. Another option is to get your money back for that program and use a service to validate the email addresses.
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    I have a question? Did you purchase these emails? Because if you did, 75% of them most likely are useless.
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      No I didn't. Always seems to be one person on these kinds of threads asking that.
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        Originally Posted by theunfamiliar View Post

        No I didn't. Always seems to be one person on these kinds of threads asking that.
        Then how did you get the list. You either built the list yourself, and if you did then this question is already answered. Or, you bought the list, in which case, it is correct that most of the emails are crap. Another option is you scraped them and if that is the case then it is just like buying the list.

        look up member Diablo he can probably help you


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          Yeah. I built this list over a period of years. So this question is answered. But the idea that scraped lists are never fruitful is.. as we all know.. not true. So it's just weird to me that people keep banging on that button.
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    Verifying yourself is never going to be a good solution for a newb.
    Using a service like or or (I have no affiliation with any of these companies) is going to be easier and much more accurate.
    Atomic products are usually pretty terrible in general, best to leave this stuff to the professionals so you can focus on your content and email creation.
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      Yeah, I think I'm gonna go with that option. Thanks...
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    Always seems to be one person on these kinds of threads asking that.
    Only because so many newbies come here AFTER they buy big lists of (useless) emails.... Due to that, it's a logical question.
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    For a list that small, the simplest way to resolve is to just use a service.

    There are services that don't that much for a list that size. Others are way over priced.

    If you are determined to use the program, I assume (not familiar with atomic) that you will need to get a VPS and host it on it. Most VPS's have port 25 open.

    I have a couple verifiers that I had custom built. They have a windows control panel and use Linux VPS's to host a custom python script and then verify using their IPs.

    If the program doesn't work that way, then you may need a Windows VPS and actually run the program from it.
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      Yeah, I'm over the idea of using the program. It seemed to do a decent job of verifying non-gmail/yahoo/hotmail addresses, so I'll just pay a service like the one you mentioned to handle the mainstream addys.
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