Has anyone tried OpenEmm?

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Has anyone tried openEmm the opensource email marketing software. I am thinking to use it. Please share your experience if you have used it.
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    I haven't tried OpenEmm so can't comment on it's capabilities. But a quick glance at the software specs seems to indicate a decent software with a lot of good features.

    HOWEVER..... The quality or ability of the software is completely irrelevant.
    Delivering your emails is the big issue. At the end of the day you will need to use some kind of email delivery 'system'. That is generally the email system included in your hosting.

    If you have shared hosting you may even find that your provider doesn't like automated email software running on their servers and there will be limits on the amount per hour/day you can send.

    Even if you have a virtual or dedicated server you will still need stop the email spam systems from blocking your emails. You will likely only have one IP address and that is likely to get burned in short order.

    Once flagged by any of the dozens of email blacklists it will probably kill off your delivery rate.

    It will be very difficult to not get spam issues when running your own email autoresponder system. The big companies struggle to keep clean and they have personal and working relationships with the email blacklists and ISPs. As an individual you will find it almost impossible.

    Your own autoresponder always sounds like a good deal price wise but there is a good reason why the mainstream autoresponder companies charge significant monthly fees.
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      Delightful post! Some really useful points to learn from here.
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    have you looked at getresponse?
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      First I was looking for open Emm. I will see getresponse also. Thanks
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    No i haven't, so i can't speak for it's legitimacy. I do however know and have used personally, GetResponse and Aweber.

    Both are known as the greatest email marketing softwares out there, and from my own personal experience, this is excatly right.

    So i would highly recommend you give them a look instead of going for this openEmm software, which does not have the reputation these 2 companies have.
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  • OpenEMM offers tons of features for professional users they are
    1. template-based HTML mailings
    2. automatic bounce management
    3. mail opening and link tracking
    4. lots of graphical real-time statistics
    5. content management system
    6. self-defined and behavior-based target groups
    7. multiqueue mail backend for maximum sending performance
    8. time-driven automated data import and export
    9. extensive set of web services
    10. plugin interface to easily extend the core functionality
    Do you tried Aweber, it is more user friendly than OpenEmm and good customer support.

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