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I'm new to the email marketing sfuff

Right now I run a kindle publishing business but I want to start creating courses and products and building my buyer list for more affiliate ventures also.

Can anyone point me to some good threads to get started?
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    I think you might find using the search feature might be helpful for you.
    I dont imagine too many people are going to just show you the best threads to read on here.

    Do you have any experience with email marketing at all?
    Do you have ESP accounts with like GetResponse or a similar service?

    We are going to need to know a lot more about what your goals are if you want detailed assistance on how to grow your email operation.
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      Your right and I appreciate the idea thank you so much

      Yup tons of email marketing experience with my current business right now publishing books.

      I have Aweber right this moment. My goals are to build courses and products around kindle publishing and sell them.

      I want to be a product creator and affiliate marketer. So I'm trying to figure out the sales funnels part of it all.

      I have my
      Freebie and a landing page. How do I process a sale though on the thank you page and find all those buttons and sfuff to deliver the product?
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    To locate threads on Warrior Forum you can use the search feature here. There is a wealth of information available and the way to locate is to simply look it up, using the appropriate keywords. This way you will find tons of useful information.
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