What is your honest experiences with listbuilders?

by Jonah
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Just want to know what everyone's experience is, what they think, etc.

This isn't some cloaked ad post or something, I truly would like to know.

I should note that I own one, and I've developped software (unreleased) to post
to them.

But I'm genuinely curious to hear your experiences. Mine own opinion (unbiased
as much as I can be) is that yes, posting to them gets you opt-ins and leads,
and even sales. If you have an effecient way of doing it and you actually do it

Is it worth the time/effort for your situation? What do you think?

For me
I'll typicall get 1.5% clickthrough (from the ad) and about 5 % opt-in... roughly
not magical numbers or anything, but considering it takes a few minutes to login and post,
not bad.

However, I'm not exacly good about keeping up the routine. even on the one I own.

that's my own genuine experience.

Looking forward to hearing yours.

#experiences #honest #listbuilders
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