How Much Does It Cost To Design (Build) Your Own AutoResponder

by Dawood
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Hello Warriors,

I'm Inquiring what it takes,and all costs to build and maintain your own autoresponder like "Aweber" or "Getresponse" ????
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    Hi D, before you ponder the cost, ask yourself:

    "Why do I want to do this?"

    Answer honestly. Then you will have the clarity and confidence to get the proper answer.

    My answer: it costs you $19 or $40 or $100 a month to manage a small list with one of the 2 Go-To email autoresponder services. So just pay that, and outsource to pros who know this stuff inside out.

    I learned one lesson a decade ago: pay skilled folks to do what you cannot do, and don't run around ragged by trying to build already perfectly fine tools, from scratch, on your own.

    That's my $19.99 on it, or whatever Aweber or GR charges minimum monthly
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    It would cost you fairly little to build such a service. Your challenge would be in getting your emails delivered, and building relationships with the major ISP's etc.

    I've been in business online for over 20 years and after looking at all of what goes on behind the scenes, and having watched a dozen or so "startups" flop, I certainly don't even think of entering that industry/niche.

    All it would cost you to build such a service is a script installed on your server, but there is so much more involved behind the scenes. If it were such a simple niche, you'd probably have hundreds, if not thousands, of competing firms. The fact that you don't should tell you something.

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    It depends.

    Do you want to run your own autoresponder company or do you want to host your own autoresponder to save on monthly fees?
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    IDK. I don't want to know. But hopefully you are asking this question for reasons outside of the $19 that you would save for not going with a premium service like Aweber.

    Some expenses are mandatory for IM.

    Auto Responder is one of them.
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    It will be very expensive if you start from scratch.

    I have a custom built mailer that over the years I have dropped $200K+ into it and it has no autoresponder capabilities. Aweber / Getresponse have millions invested.

    Sure you can get a clone, but it will be a piece of crap and not handle volume.

    More importantly is the relationships that you build with email providers and be able to maintain good IP reputation / inboxing with.

    There are far easier ways to make money onlinr, that I would never waste my time with such.

    However, there are services that you can white-label, but if the deliverability isn't on par with other services, you are wasting your time and money!!!
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    There are defiantly easier ways to make money online than doing this!
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    Well for list building you can use an autoresponder company like aweber ,get response etc .The you have option to create opt in pages ,landing pages etc and you manage your list etc .I think maximum its like 50$ per month
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    If you just want it for your own use, then the MailPoet plugin for WordPress linked to Amazon SES will probably do the trick.

    If you're looking to go into competition with Aweber et. al. then good luck! I'm sure you'll be able to find a coder who can write the software for you, but it won't be cheap - plus you'll have to have a very unique USP to make you stand out from the crowd.
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    Hey...for what it's worth, recently I worked on Aweber, Getresponse and Mailchimp. Well, Mailchimp is free for the first 2000 visitors. It really is nice to work with, and does everything you want it to do. Only problem is double optin. There is a way around it, If you develop in Wordpress, you get a plugin Mailchimp for WP where you choose the single optin option, and you're good to go. Getresponse is $15 per month for 1000 visitors. I use Mailchimp to get leads, Getresponse is for the paying customers.
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