Getresponse Abruptly Shut Down My Account Over A Very Strange Reason

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On 26 Jan 2016, Getresponse shut down an account of mine that I used since September 2015. The reason given was:

"Your GetResponse account has been closed because we have recorded an incorrect list acquisition process on your end.

The subscriptions do not look like organic traffic but rather like they were injected via some sort of automated script.

We recorded multiple signups from single IP addresses during a very short periods of time."

This does not make any sense. I had been doing the same thing all along and getting my leads naturally. And in fact, I have another account with Getresponse that I used since 2007 and had no such issues all along.

I also have account with Active Campaign that have no such issues.

I have asked several other ESPs and they all told me they have the ability to filter out fraudulent subscribers that come from scripts or same ip addresses.

Has anyone encountered the same problem with Getresponse?

It's been more than a year since that incident, but I am still very, very unsettled about how such thing could happen when I have been doing business online for more than a decade.

Right now, I don't even dare to receive opt-ins on Getresponse for fear that such a crazy thing can happen at any time and they deactivate my account suddenly.
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    Very sorry to hear! getting account banned is a nightmare! Dont worry there are many alternatives you can use, and other solution to clean your list (if it got polluted with fraudulent sign ups) and to deliver you mail.

    From what GR said. your opt-in form got abused. List bombing is where email sign-up pages get abused or attacked by malicious parties, resulting in large a number of email addresses being opted into their email program. this will hurt their deliverability.

    Yes ESP have anti-abuse system that detect fraudulent opt-ins, some will block bots from viewing your opt-in page. some will require captcha,, different means to stop suspicious traffic.

    However, there's good chance some of those fraudulent traffic will make it and end up in your mailing program. getting your account banned.

    I m not sure how to completely avoid this but you can reduce it by securing your opt-in form with captcha, You can also use double opt-in sign up..
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  • Wow! so sorry to hear that happened to you...good info to know...thank you and best wishes
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