How to maximize the quality of clickbanking?

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Hi there!

I've been doing clickbanking and got tons of leads daily

But one thing, the percenttage of my prospects open emails were not high

Even in thank you page i already told them to check their email for their report....

But seems like no matter how hard i tried, the percentage of open emails still not as high as i was expected

If you have any idea of how to improve this. Please just share it right below.

Thank you
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  • I have came across the same situation, Now my open rate is far better

    - Try to change the subject line as simple and effective
    - Clear all the unopened email for some extended period.

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    "Click banking" has got to be one of the absolute WORST ways to build a list that I have ever heard of.

    Those leads are so diluted it's not funny. In fact, it's disgusting.

    I gave it a shot about a year ago just to test. I had heard about it and that it had taken over as the new "list swapping" (another awful way to build a list) method.

    Sure, I got tons of leads. Built a list of over 5000 in about 6 weeks. Pretty good right? WRONG!

    Tried all different kinds of subject lines and the best open rate I could achieve was 1.4%. Absolutely disgraceful.

    The way it works is inherently flawed and designed to produce massively watered down leads. A person subscribes to one list then gets sent to a page with a bunch of links to other people's squeeze pages. They subscribe to one of those and then get sent to a page with links to more squeeze pages. They subscribe to those and get sent to...well, you know... A page with links to MORE squeeze pages!

    By the time a person is done, they might have subscribed to 10 different lists in a matter of minutes.

    Not to mention the rampant amount of click fraud that goes on...

    I'll admit, I had some luck with ad swaps about 7 or 8 years ago when a lot of leading email marketers were doing it. They were all honest and they all had decent lists. And the big difference was that when you did a swap the leads were only added to ONE other list, which was your swap partners.

    Then that got saturated with scam artists and people with crappy leads and it became a worthless technique. Not to mention the main autoresponders consider it a bad practice and will shut down your account if they catch on (and rightly so).

    As far as ad swapping and "click banking" are concerned, I wouldn't waste my time if I were you.

    Some people claim to have luck using the traffic to send to CPA or PPL offers, but I'm not into building my list to get a one off sale for a couple of bucks. I want long term repeat customers who buy into me and not just someone who can make me $2 one time.

    I'm guessing click banking will be an obsolete form of list building soon, as the autoresponders aren't going to tolerate it much longer. At least I hope so.
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    Yeah. I agree, that's why i already stop it for a while.

    still trying to optimize my newletters to send them
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    What is your source of traffics? Email Marketing only?
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    I had the same problem 4 months ago.

    My recommendation is be simple...

    - Using A/B testing for your email subject.
    - Using marketing automation to delete the subcribers who are not willing to open your email.
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