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I'm sure we have some Youtube Gurus here.

I've got a gmail address and I've loaded some videos over the years.

I've now got another Gmail address which I am using for a particular niche
and have loaded a video up via this address.

Problem is that viewers can see my other videos from my main address
because Youtube reckons they are all from me.

How do you get a discrete channel for a different identity?

Hope someone can help
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    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    So you basically have 2 different youtube channels, right?

    How do you know that viewers can see your other videos? Do you got to this conclusion because you've seen your videos in the "suggested videos" section?

    This is because you've watched or liked your videos from one channel to the other. The "suggested videos" category is different for every user, depending on what he usually watches.

    Sign out of your account, clear the cache and browser history, and you should not see the other channel anymore.
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    I am not getting video moniterizing on you tube channel and i am getting to see saved offline videos.
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    You can make 2 Channel in 2 ID. Video link/ Channel Link can be added to a site.
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