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I have a question for any "experienced" solo ad buyers using ClickMagick for tracking.

What settings do you use for the click auditing?

The default settings are as below.

Abuser: nothing
Anon: nothing
Bot: flag
Spider: flag
Server: flag
User: flag

Anyway, I want to do some testing but have my doubts that the defaults are ideal.
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    I use the default settings as well.

    I only really concern myself with making sure I'm not getting fake traffic, which is easy enough to spot by simply looking at IPs and other factors, like how close clicks come in, country of origin, etc.

    I often do simple spot checks and just do Google searches on IPs to see if they come up listed as known proxies, etc.

    I'll admit that I should be taking the time to learn about all of their features and how to use them properly. I guess the reason why I don't comes down to a mix of laziness and the fact that I have dozens of reliable sellers that I trust and have been using for a long time. Of course, that doesn't mean that one or more of them will not decide to screw me one day for any number of reasons.

    I'll admit, I don't use the platform as well as I should. I should really take the time to learn more about what's available to me in terms of identifying and avoiding click fraud. I'll bet I've been screwed on more than one occasion due to my poor level of knowledge regarding the platform.

    Of course, posting about that weakness here is probably not in my best interest, either. But, I think your thread will serve as a "wake-up call" for me to increase my awareness. So thanks for that!

    As far as an overall service to track conversions and provide stats, I think CM is the absolute best. Certainly the industry leader in click tracking.
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      Keep in mind that even though you may be buying traffic from trusted sellers, your sellers are oftentimes buying the clicks they're selling you from other random new sellers as well.

      So even if you trust the people you're buying traffic from, you should definitely still take full advantage of clickmagick's flagging and blocking because the people you're buying traffic from could unknowingly pass on bad traffic to you at any time.
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    Hi, I've been using clickmagick since it's inception.
    Here are settings, I am using... and I sell lot of clicks as soloads

    Abuser: Block
    Anon: Block
    Bot: Block
    Spider: Block
    Server: Block
    User: Block

    Any other settings or even default, will have stats discrepancies with buyers.
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    In the solo ad biz, it is expected regardless either as a seller or a buyer to set all to block?

    I wasn't really sure about anon or server. If as a buyer, would a seller dispute them being blocked.
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    My are

    Abuser: Flag
    Anon: Block
    Bot: Block
    Spider: Block
    Server: Block
    User: Block
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