Example of good follow up sequence for non finished orders?

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Hello! Could you give me some examples of good (not annoying or pushy) follow up email sequence for people that have made an attempt to purchase a certain product, but didn't finished their order. (product is in the cart, but didn't checked out).

The products are low cost info products books.

Thank you!
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    The email should be like this:
    hey, thanks for your interest in........We came to notice that you had an idea of buying our product........and finally changed your mind.

    We value your support and have an exciting offer for your here: We offer 25% discount on....also we will add a bonus of pack of 10 eBooks worth of $200. We also give you a 100% money back guarantee. We are damn sure you will love our products and offer.
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    Thank you. That sounds neat...

    Should I also send some free info in the form of article or video.

    Also how long after they made an attempt to purchase should I send them this mail. And how many times in case they don't open the 1st time.

    Thanks again.
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    I'd sent a case study of the books benefits and also testimonials (I'd give away free copies of the book for testimonials if you didn't have any)
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      I do have testimonials. I am selling them for quite a while. But I happen to have many orders that are left unfinished.
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    I always thought of something like this for E-stores order reminders.
    Day 1: A simple "Hey, don't forget to finish you order" type of email with any features like 100% refund etc...

    Day 3: Similar to day one, but let them know what they could be missing out on if they don't buy. Maybe some customer reviews as well. And let them know about any money back guarantees etc..

    Day 5: Provide a discount as well as reviews & other money back guarantees etc.

    Hope this helps in some way!
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      Yes that sounds appealing.

      Should I give free sample of the product (it is an ebook after all). Something like a page from the ebook or related newsletter post/video?
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