Do you have Sendgrid phone support number?

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I know this may be a bit off-topic but I am desperate.

Can't access my Sendgrid account.

I had my IP in the whitelist but my ISP sent me a new router and changed my home/office IP.

Tried to email them but they just keep replying with tickets that I cant read because their system also locks you out of their support helpdesk.

I am wondering if you know somebody from Sendgrid you can ask to read this or if you have their phone number, please.

Their number is also in the support helpdesk which I cant get access to.

It is really hurting my business because I need to get access to my 4 thousand strong list to launch a new product.

I am literally facing homelessness because of this.
I got a 'notice to quit' from my landlord and this new product was going to be what saved my ass.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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