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I would like to send an email out immediately when any changes to the list field I specify are made. Is this possible? Currently I am seeing the option to send when the "Value Changes to..." and I'm not sure what I need to input.
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    contact mail chimp they can help you


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    First of all MailChimp is not the best email platform for email marketers. I would recommend Aweber. Also, from the comments below I see you are a FREE member??? You want to pay for your autoresponder to get all the options.

    Why would you want to send an email out when a value changes? Typically you want to do two things with an autoresponder. Set up an email series that starts sending as soon as someone opts into your list, the sends automated follow-up messages. You will also want to send daily emails to subs once the auto series has ended.

    Hope this helps!


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    • Hi Chris, I'm actually an associate email marketing manager proficient at both Marketo and sailthru and well aware of best practices. I am simply using mailchimp for my personal training business. Since it's a very part time gig I do not have a reason to pay for premium service. I already send welcome emails to new clients but am trying to send emails every time they schedule a new training session. The service I use for scheduling does sent out emails but I would like to keep all if my communications with clients unified in a single automation platform.
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    Maybe you should try something else then a Mail Chimp? Sure Mail Chimp is very popular, but I think that the other automation can do the same if not even the better job. Search around with Google, you will find exactly what you need.
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    • Thanks Pete, but that's not what I'm trying to do. I only want it to send went a client's variable (training session date) changes.
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    Benchmarkemail... they are the best, you should try their freeemium plan
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    Anything where you can have mailchimp subscribers go automatically into a Google Contact form? Zapier?

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