Does MailChimp have this trigger?

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If not, I would love to know what I can do.

I'm trying to set up an automation but I want MailChimp to send it after a subscriber replies to the previous email. Does MailChimp have a specific trigger like that?
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    If you are using the Free version then probably not. When I looked into Mailchimp before any automation kicks in once you upgrade to a paid version.

    I would check with their support to find out. I use aweber an there are ways to do what you want with them


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    MailChimp offers a number of*automation types*with built-in triggers for common activities, but if our pre-built options don't address your needs, you can always create a custom automation instead.
    Once you've chosen an automation, added your content, and set your sending criteria, MailChimp will manage your subscriber queue and email sends. After someone receives the first message in an automation series, they'll receive every email in the series in sequence, unless they are*removed from the automation.If you want remote assistance then call experts @ 18009581084.
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