Advice on Setting up a Bouncing Server ?

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Hi all,

I'm currently using an emailing app that it set with my SMTP server.

It's already set i've sent a few emails for testing, it's working good !

Regarding the setup of the bounce server, since i already have a SMTP server set, i send emails with, should i just create another email from the same SMTP like for ex: for bouncing, is that the right way to do it ?

But what if i use a mass email verifier online, will it achieve the same result as a bounce server ? Does the bounce server detects emails of blacklisters organisations ?

Thank you
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    Your bounce server is never going to be able to tell you if you hit a trap.
    It will give you the MX of the server which you can look up against known blacklists.
    You can also use tools like or to check if your domain or ips are blacklisted by any anti organization.
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      Thank you for your answer !

      I see, what you said is very intresting ! However i just tried sending some emails to a couple of contacts, like 6 contacts and my email went to their spam !

      If i keep trying with these contacts (i know them by the way, we are testing together), i would like to know if i keep testing with them will their mailing server flag me if it detects too many mails coming from my domain name go to their spam ?
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    its fine if you have but i would suggest use naming does matter. And if you have multiple smtp servers and you want one single bounce server or mailbox then again you will only use

    Also create 2 email addresses just for nothing but sometime they help and check them frequently after 2 days of your campaign to make sure no emails there. and yahoo sometime going to reply you back as feedback look at if someone complains against you. so thats important email that you should have but you need to handle these complains manually until unless your email marketing software has feedback loop processing feature.
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      Thank you very much, i will apply those practices !

      If naming matters like you said, is return-path the right way to do it or should i replace path with an actualy path ?
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        the name of bounce email id should be or as i said also create 2 more email addresses in your domain email account . and You will see they gona help you. secondly in bounce email id you could put any email id you want but what we saw in our experience that word return-path or returnpath gave us more benefits. So i just shared with you so you can also get benefit.
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          I appreciate that a lot mate !

          I'm sure that these valuable informations will be a lot of help for me during my journey. It's realy good to see people like you willing to help and share their experience with others to save us time !

          Thanks again, much appreciated !
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    I am going to follow these tips for my own and i will let you know the results.
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      Please do. Thank you & Good luck to you mate
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    just write simple mail and avoid using words like free, offer, discount.
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      Thank you, will do !

      What about pictures with the content of free, offer, discount, will that pass ?
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    Don't be too advertising while writing a mail, because this will let you in bad result.
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      If i'm not gonna use the advertising main words, like free offer discount, how can i then catch the interest of the clients !
      Is there an alternative to promote these kind of offers without being put in spam ?

      Is using an image considered a good alternative ?

      Thank you again for your help !
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    If your issue is still not solve go to SMTPHELP and send them free smtp support ticket they will fix your issue or will make your settings in free. They doing great
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      Wow i did not know a such free support was available. When you say that they will fix my issue, you mean just through discussions or will they will get involved technicly by accessing the servers ?

      By the way, thanks for the great link. I appreciate it !
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