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I'm still learning to use the mailchimp platform and I'm finding it a bit frustrating. I just ran my first campaign. It was sent to a very small list so I didn't expect many sales. I got zero sales, and that's ok. This was just a test run.

But, here's the thing. I ran an automation, and once people clicked the button in my emails to go to the sales page, I arranged it so they wouldn't get any further emails from the campaign.

I quickly realized that after they clicked but didn't buy I needed to retarget them. But, I'm clueless as to how I can do this.

The offer was for a program on the Ruzuku platform. Ruzuku integrates with mailchimp to add people to my list, but not for retargeting. So, I'm guessing I need a shopping cart on my website that I can integrate with mailchimp in order to retarget the people who go to the sales page but don't buy.

Is this a correct assumption? And if so, what shopping cart might you recommend to a non-techie that's free or really cheap (I can always upgrade later) that I can integrate with mailchimp? My site is a wordpress site. I'd be selling programs, digital products and services from the cart.

I appreciate your help. It's been very frustrating watching my emails go out to less and less people, and not being able to email those who didn't buy.
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    Hi there! I'm a product marketer at AdRoll and can help you here.
    So, a good question. The answer is that when you upload your MailChimp lists into AdRoll, we will match those emails with cookies across the web and Facebook on desktop, mobile and tablets. Those cookie matches generate the targetable audience segment that allows us to serve retargeting ads.
    Check out our step-by-step how-to on the AdRoll for Mailchimp integration: Integrating AdRoll and MailChimp
    To learn more about how retargeting (and cookies) work, see this article under "How does it work): Retargeting Basics
    Hope this helps!
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