Have you used Mailjet, is it good?

by bleu
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I'm looking into using Mailjet, it seems like a good alternative if you don't send a lot of emails but you want to have a lot of subscribers.

So if you've used them, what did you think of them?

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    Personally from experience Mailjet is total garbage, French made, terrible documentation, NO user forum to ask questions, crashes and loses your work but worst of all "No cut and paste from inside the program", Imagine that fault. You create a newsletter and then the next month you want to add cut from it to paste to a new one, can't do it. It's been a long uphill battle unless you use all their formatting and start from scratch each time, hate it, google it for problems and you'll find many. Even 1and1 Ionos now uses it and everyone has problems with it, go to MailChimp if you must, much better. Plus you read tons of reports of people paying and getting banned for no reason.
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    If you want to cut costs, and have great deliverability check out In Boxing Pro.

    I use them and it works great. It's not a service, you buy it and you own it, no montly fees.
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    Mailjet is a flat out easy decision and you would be a trick not to utilize it. I've utilized each email supplier out there and Mailjet have taken everything that isn't right with them and made their own item that works. ... Mailjet is what's to come!
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