When Solo ads are not an option.

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Finding the right solo ads provider ain't that easy.

So I have a project, and a budget, so my thought was, let's find some warriors with solo ads and spend some bucks....

But then I found out, in my category ain't that many providers, in fact, zero providers could help me with a list of webshop owners. They have MLM, Adult, Gambling, Drugs and a lot of other niches.

So now I think, where to look, where to go and what to do. Any ideas (besides Adsense and FB advertising) how to reach out to webshop owners in a legal way?

Thanks, and Happy New Year!
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    Well yes, solo ads doesn't work with some niches... Mostly they are meant for MMO. I think the best choice for you is Bing Ads
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    Think where they might hang out, where they might go to learn how to succeed better etc.

    If by "webshop" you include eComm, then there are plenty of FaceBook groups, forums etc. where you'll find a lot of people in that area, and where you can contact them.

    Maybe build your own FaceBook group to attract exactly who you want to communicate with . . . there is plenty of info around on how to do that and how to build it.

    Think of who else knows people like that. Again, if you mean eComm, then find people who create courses on eComm and offer them a free bonus which gives some valuable info, and a way to contact you to get more info.

    Hope that helps,


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