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I'm about to launch a product and working on the main website for it. Meanwhile I'm going to make a coming soon landing page with a email optin to notify when the main site and product launch. On the final website I plan to have a optin form where people will can trade their email for a PDF.

Should I create two lists then?

One list to notify when the product launch and one on the final website including the PDF?

The reason I ask is because I plan to use MailChimp with a automated response including the PDF on the final website, so if I use the same "coming-soon" list those who signed up early and wants the PDF will get an error (if im not mistaken?) because they are already subscribed to that list.

Some thoughts on this would be great or an idea on how to solve this.
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    Nobody wants to get an error message, I would create two lists and let it be that way. You could possibly merge them later on.
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    Hello there,
    I don't know about mail chimp, because the email marketing company I use is called Get Response. You can easily create optin forms by putting the form code on the page you want if you have access to your website back office.

    The idea of two opt-in forms is a good one ! I currently do the same thing with both a landing page and my website. Your customers will get a message that says " that email is already registered or used" which is normal.

    All opt-in forms only allow one distinct email address sign up! because your email service has already added your contact to your subscribed list.
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  • I would go with two lists in this situation. The last thing you want is to mislead a lead. It's only a temporary resolution anyways. Once your website is up and running you opt-in will change.

    Good question though.
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    I would advise using 2 lists, however can always have an automated or blast message to your coming soon notification list that you do have your pdf at x site for download. For example with aweber, can simply set up 2 auto responders even on same page, it just has a quick code that is different from other and segments list that way without getting technical or fancy.
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    If there is ever a question about creating 2 or 3 or 4 separate lists, I would always create more lists. The reasons for this can vary, but it gives you the easy option down the road to combine the lists if you wish.

    The engagement you get from one list can also help improve your engagements or conversions in your other lists if you truly understand the mindset of each list and remember why they signed up to those respective lists.
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    I agree with all previous posts that at least 2 lists should be created. If you were to create a solid email marketing strategy, I'd suggest you create a new list each time the expectations of what the user will receive will change.

    For example, with what you mentioned, each list with different expectations will need to be created.

    List #1: Expectation = Notification email sent when the main site and product launches

    List #2: Expectation = PDF download

    So your idea of having 2-optin forms is good for now and as long as the customer knows what they are receiving before they sign up, then it's good.

    For List #1, I'd suggest you don't email people anymore emails after they receive the initial notification that the site and product is launched unless you send some followup email receiving more consent for you to send more emails to them.

    For List #2, if you want to keep emailing prospects on your list after they receive the PDF, you can let people know on your opt-in form that you will be sending some more emails occasionally related to the PDF you sent or anything related to your offer.
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