Spam in Gmail but not Yahoo

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My messages are going to spam in gmail accounts, but I've tested Yahoo and I can inbox. I'm still testing, but haven't figured out the specific issue yet.

Does anybody know specifically what I would want to look at for Gmail issues?

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    Different email clients have different default filter settings.

    As an example; Yahoo will at times allow decorations through and gmail will filter them.

    Yahoo offers a free with ads and a paid version and the two have different filter settings. The paid is more strict from what I hear.

    Maybe you could Google spam filter settings tips for each of the clients and possibly come up with something. I've not searched that, but, with a little changing of the keywords if that doesn't net much you should be able to get some help.
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      I've done some searching on it and so far I'm able to get into the Promotions tab now, but not the regular inbox.
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    Typically, if you can go from spam to promotions, it's possible to get into the inbox. Because if they were purposely putting you into the spam folder, they won't let you out and into promotions.

    Your problem sounds like it's content related.

    Can you just send a generic message with no links and get into the inbox?
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      With a generic message and no link, I went to promotions. I added one link back in (I had 2 at first), then I was able to still get in promotions.

      But even with a generic message I was in promotions.
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  • HI
    Gmail have a different domain and yahoo mail have a different domain that's why this happen
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    Did you verify your domain with ?


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    Avoid your email going into spam folder, you can configuration inside the setting menu. There are any setting up which email should not to going spam. Or you can setting through filter account menu.
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    how did you inbox yahoo bro?
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