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You are a moderator

If a spammer comes on board it only takes few of you to make his posts vanish into thin air. Just use that Report Post button. Their posts will go into "Moderated" status and no one will see them. It gives admins and super mods time enough to come along and delete them for good.

Working together and taking the time out to use that button makes it very easy for members to keep this forum clean.

Help us out when you can...

A couple explanations about the two reporting option:

The Report Post Button:

The report post button is for serious issues like a spammer invading us. When you see a spam post use the report post button on those.

The Add An Infraction Button:

The add an infraction to a member button is for warning another member that they are making some mistake. Like crazy sig files or insulting other members. This helps us out a lot because it allows you to warn a member without a report post also appearing in the Mod forum.

If members use the report post button to report a sig file it causes us a lot of unnecessary hassle when the member could have just used the infraction button and warned them directly.

All infractions expire in one hour so if you happen to get one don't freak out and don't start a post about it. :-) Just heed what the member is trying to warn you about.

Very Important: It's important to understand the differences of the buttons above. The report post button is the button that helps us all make spammers vanish. The infraction button only sends a warning to a member. If you run across an obvious spammer then always use the report post button.
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  • Thank you for the update.
    Will try to contribute in the future more actively on the reporting part.
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    Thanks for the info.
    Never knew how to use the give infraction button before, but do report bad posts when I see them.
    Will continue to support the community.
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    Thank you for the detailed update. I am new here so good to know
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    Thank you for a brief update, I am new here good to get in touch with Org. we will help you to contribute the best post...
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    Thank you. Great idea the infraction button.
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  • Newbie here! Thank you for this informative update.
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    thank you for the update. great info for new members like myself

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  • Thanks for the Update
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    Thanks for this update
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    Thank you for the update. Can you tell me what type of sharing includes spam? I'm new user here.
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    Thank You for the update and the forum

    From our home to your home, we pray and speak blessings.

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    Putting links in posts is spam - advertising your site or product or affiliate link is spam. If you are 'sharing' anything in the hope you will profit from that 'share' - it's probalby going to be labeled as 'spam'.
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    good points

    From our home to your home, we pray and speak blessings.

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