Does anyone know of a system lets you create a Yes / No survey type squeeze page?

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I have seen some squeeze pages with a simple Yes or No question that works like a 2-step optin. I was wondering of any of you know which software or company offers this?
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    I know a lot of companies use SurveyMonkey.

    Pretty sure most autoresponder services have an option to create one.

    You could post a project on one of the freelancer sites and have one made if you already have hosting.
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    I've set up one in ClickFunnels before and it worked pretty well. I'm sure there are many ways/services to accomplish this.
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    I think dont spend your valuable time for trying to build such site yourself, you will lose a lot of energy, time and its not guaranteed that at the end you will be happy with the results of your site.

    Just hire someone, a person who knows what he is doing could build it very fast.
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    Easy to do with a free WordPress Plugin like NinjaForms.

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  • If the answer does not need to be saved, you could just create 2 html or wordpress pages, and link to one for yes and one for no.

    If you need to bring the yes/no data in to the autoresponder, most autresponder tools should be able to do that.

    If you need to create actual quizzes + get someone signed up to an autoresponder, there's loads of tools. Some have integrations, other integreate with Zapier --> Autoresponder.

    After writing all this, I realized I needed more info to give a better answer
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    I am wondering if it can be done with MailChimp? The MailChimp Autoresponder is free until you get 2,000 people on your list right? And you can create a landing page using mailchimp and instead of hosting it on your own website, you can host it on mailchimp's server which means you don't need a website for all your landing pages. And I think you can have unlimited landing pages. It doesn't look like they got a landing page specifically for a yes or no like poll, but couldn't you take their original landing page and modify it. Add text where you want it, add an image where you want it. I'm not sure, but I wonder if you can have your Yes and No be images and when they click on them have them link to other pages. Could this work?
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