Sending emails ONE at a time from Gmail is the best way to get emails read?

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    Are you doing cold email? This can burn up and blacklist your domain. If you are going to do this create a template to save you time. Personalize only the first line. Buy a similar domain, use G Suite, and warm it up first before you start sending.

    Are you selling high margin offers?
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    Not cold emails. ALL past customers - I have their details, they have bought from me.

    My post was a much longer one - for some reason... I couldn't delete the post or edit.

    Here's what my post was supposed to be:

    Hypothesis: sending email one at a time, at a slow pace has MUCH MUCH better chance of being opened?

    'Promotional email' = customers who have bought from me before on ebay - for which I have their email addresses. I want to send an email asking if they are happy with their purchase (first half of the email) and then giving 1 or 2 pics of other items for sale (second half of email).

    - Send 'promotional email' though your own domain as a newsletter - gets put in spam most times? Just assuming?

    - Better idea is to use reputable mailing company like Constant Contact or Mailchimp. Doesn't get put in spam - but ends up in 'Promotional' folder (assuming other email providers do similar to Gmail?) - and then you have 1 in 500 chance of being read!
    My promotional folder in Gmail has zillions of emails - that one day I will read! LOL

    - Sending 50 or less emails, but sending by bcc'ing emails. Hmmm... a hunch tells me that these also go in Spam folder?

    Any thoughts on the above?
    I just made the above up. It makes sense to me that it might be like that - but based on no knowledge or proof!

    Let me know what you think.

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    sending one at a time won't help with opens or conversion, especially with warm clients.

    you definitely need to use an email client like aweber, constant contact or mailchimp.

    you run the risk of the promotional inbox either way.

    The best thing to do is to educate your clients on how to direct your messages to their inbox, because they are important and will keep giving them value
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    Gmail inboxes better from the start than Gsuite because you're using @gmail.

    Don't use pics in email. More likely to land in the Gmail promotions folder.

    Set up seed accounts and test your inbox placement. Don't open your test messages, as this can show / build up engagement. If you want to open a message and check it, use the same seed account for opening messages. Optionally you can set up multiple sets of seed accounts that each set tests different recipient behaviors.

    I've been mailing for over 20+ years. You can get out of the promotions folder and into the inbox by testing / tweaking your message wording. Sometimes it takes a bunch of work, sometimes it's real easy. Sometimes your message may not be as ideal as you would like, but it inboxes.

    As long as your sending IP(s) isn't blocked / blacklisted, the same goes for the spam folder.

    If you're hitting spam folder, you want to look at...

    1) Back-end setup: spf, dkim, rdns, etc...
    2) IP / domain reputation: any domain / IP that is associated with the mailing. Also test username.
    3) Content: everything in the message body, mailing address, subject line, plus your template.
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    You can send Bulk emails from Gmail up to 2000 a day. Research Gmass. It is an upgrade to Gmail for just this purpose. There is a small cost to it. Will allow you to build a database on a Google sheet an email up to 2000 at a time. For even a little bit more money I think it's like 20 bucks a month you can use Gmail as a complete auto responder. I have been building a huge list this way. Instead of a lead capture page I have people email me for free guides. I have my vacation responder turned on so they get a link delivered instantly for there download. I then add them to one of my Google sheets to email again later.

    Turn Gmail into an autoresponder, defeat Google promotion tab!

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    @DIABL0 I like what I hear from what you say
    I'm a little confused.
    Is sending email as better than (using Gsuite)?

    You mention things like 'Back-end setup: spf, dkim, rdns, etc' - so you are sending emails from your OWN domain?

    @Master Blaster - Gmass sounds awesome.
    But, just worried about being marked as being pure spam?
    Send 100 emails and every email thereafter is received as spam?

    Using Mailchimp or others... do ANY of their emails make it to the 'Primary tab'?
    If they fall in Social or Promotion - nearly as bad as spam!
    I'm still skeptical about.
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    If you are sending these emails for marketing purposes, then Gmail might not allow you to deliver the marketing or promotional email to the inboxes. If you have the subscriber list of they are the list of customers who already purchased from you in the past you might look after some Email Service Providers.

    Sending one email at a time for small business with a limited database of subscribers could be okay. But before you need to ensure that your SPF & DKIM get authenticate. But for the large database, you should look after an ESP.

    Thank You!!
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    Well this its best if you have a small comunity of people and you send email one by one .But if you get a base of subscribers then gmail its not good as firstly its too much time consuming and i dont know if its good for mass sending emails
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    I thought of one flaw using Google sending to a list.
    If a buyer wanted to NOT get anymore emails.
    Ho can they sign off the list?
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    I'm using an app and it work great sending thousands of cold mails
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    It depends . . . if you are sending individual, custom emails to individual people or businesses, then it can work well . . . I sent some emails recently from my Gmail, and got a 50% reply rate (by customising the subject and body for each one).

    But if you are wanting to send a lot of the same email to different people, that is better done using a list management system. Make sure you understand how to warm up a domain and a list, etc. before you start, else you could have a lot of work to get your deliverability back up again!

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    You said it yourself - it's slow and takes time.

    Why not create a Mailchimp account?
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    If you want to inbox better, you need to engage the customer better. Get them to reply to you.

    You can also set up DMARC authentication with a custom domain and gsuite. That's what I do. You can't do DMARC on a gmail address.

    If you list has a bunch of unengaged subs, that will kill the open rate.

    A proper autoresponder service will work better as you grow your business, and will probably inbox better than your gmail address. You can also automate a lot of the stuff, clean out the lists, track things better, and so on.

    Hope that helps?


    Martin Platt

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